How to optimize the battery of your Android Phone?

The great Achilles heel of today’s phones is autonomy. Although it is true that little by little the big manufacturers have managed to improve the autonomy of their devices, the most normal thing is to have an external battery that helps you continue using your phone wherever you want.

Although, if you know how to optimize your phone’s battery, you can extend the hours of the screen a little longer. Let us get into the article and find out the best ways to extend the battery of an Android smartphone.

Tips to optimize the battery of your Android phone

As you will see later, there are a series of tips that can help you to optimize the battery of your Android device and that will allow you to enjoy more hours of autonomy. In addition, these tricks are also valid for your tablet with the Google operating system.

  • Choose settings that consume less battery: Android offers different battery saving modes. If you see that you are running out of battery, activate this function to extend the hours of screen on.
  • Let the screen turn off sooner: this is one of the main reasons why your phone uses so much battery. Feel free to change the screen settings so that it turns off within 10 seconds of not using it.
  • Set the brightness to adjust automatically : Any current Android phone has a light sensor capable of adjusting the brightness level of the screen based on the environment you are in. With this function activated, it will be adjusted automatically, with the consequent battery saving.
  • Close the applications that you do not use : Our mobile phones are increasingly powerful, so they are capable of running all kinds of games and applications. The problem is that if you leave many apps open, it will affect autonomy. It is advised to close all the apps which you do not use or put them in deep sleep mode.
  • Disables the vibration or the sound of the keyboard: This feature is not useful and only increases the battery consumption.
  • Restrict battery of hungry apps – There are many apps that are constantly consuming data. Obviously, it is not worth restricting services such as WhatsApp, but there are other apps that you do not use regularly. In these cases, the best thing you can do is restrict access so that they do not consume as many resources.
  • Delete the accounts you don’t use: Android synchronizes all your accounts in real time, and that translates into high battery consumption. The best thing to do is delete any accounts that you don’t use.

Finishing up

These were some of the tips on how you can optimize the battery time of your Android phone. Now that you know how to increase the battery life of your Android phone you also need to check your phone applications. Find out how can you can detect malicious apps on Android phones.

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