How to know when to change your mobile battery?

Are you getting constant low battery alerts on your smartphone even though you’ve recently charged it? Are you at the top of your battery percentage only to suddenly fall to a lower battery percentage? Do you notice your phone has suddenly stopped charging when it shows after it has still the percent to charge fully? These are all not good signs pointing to something that is not right with our smartphones, but it’s normal to be uncertain about when the moment is right to replace the battery.

If your smartphone is over two years old, it’s time to upgrade the battery. Battery Lithium ions are depleted of capacity over time, and problems do not take long to manifest. We’ve seen it happen that the duration of a battery isn’t long enough and then it shuts off abruptly and then heats up or you notice the large body of the device is a sign that the battery requires an upgrade.

What is the best way to tell when to change the battery?

But how can you tell when it’s the right time to change the battery? There are a few obvious signs. If your phone isn’t able to boot up or is frequently frozen, it is a signal that the battery is in need of replacement. Another indication is that your phone becomes extremely hot when it is used. The reasons we have to replace the batteries in our phones might seem evident, but do you actually know when the right time is correct?

A single sign is not an indicator but enough signs are sure to determine the cause, and when two or more of them are combined it is most likely that the battery is the cause and needs to be replaced.  Some indications include the following:

  • The phone doesn’t retain a charge for longer than it did.
  • The battery’s percent of charge continues to decline in spite of not being in use.
  • The phone is extremely hot when you’re using it.
  • The battery doesn’t fully charge.

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Tips to increase your battery’s life

However, when you have solved the issue and you have solved the problem, follow these guidelines to increase the battery’s life just a little.

  • Keep your phone away from the sunlight. It will deteriorate the battery more quickly.
  • You can turn off features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not using them.
  • Dim the screen’s brightness.
  • Check that the software is up to date. Manufacturers frequently release updates to enhance the battery’s life.
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