Microsoft 365 Copilot: What Is It & How To Use It?

Microsoft 365 Copilot: What Is It & How To Use It?

It is a race to use AI to improve work processes, and it is on the horizon and no tech giant will be left in the dust. Microsoft’s Copilot is an AI technology that aims to change the way people interact with computers. While its ambitious goal remains to be seen, you can learn about its features and benefits for companies like yours..

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft has launched a new tool called Copilot that uses artificial intelligence to help users work more efficiently with its suite of apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams.

Copilot can perform various tasks like creating documents, presentations, and analyzing emails, which usually take a lot of time. This tool aims to help users save time and work more productively. In short, Copilot is a helpful tool that can assist users in managing their work efficiently.

If you used Microsoft Office in the late 90s or early 2000s, you might remember Clippy, the animated assistant that helped with tasks. Copilot is a modern virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help with tasks.

Copilot combines natural text models (LLM) and Microsoft’s software, including documents, contacts, chat calendar, and emails. It uses GPT chat technology to analyze and interpret text and Microsoft Graph data.

Unlike other AI assistants, Copilot uses data from Microsoft Graph to make results more relevant. For example, if you ask Copilot to write an email to update your team on a project’s progress, it will use data from your archived emails, chats, and previous documents to draft a message with the most important details.

Easy to Use Copilot’s function

When a user submits an inquiry to Copilot, the Copilot chatbot, when working in an application like Word and Outlook, transmits data to Microsoft Graph, which analyzes and interprets the question.

The data is then transferred through Chat GPT, the Chat GPT Language model. It produces an answer and then transmits it via Microsoft Graph to perform the required checks to make sure it’s as personal as possible. In the end, Copilot shows the response to the user in the application.

How does a user operate Copilot?

To access Copilot, a helpful AI tool that’s integrated into Microsoft 365 applications, you’ll need to have a subscription. The best part is that you can start using it right away without having to download it yourself.

To enable the assistant, simply click on the Copilot icon on your Microsoft software menu. If it’s already in use, you’ll see a chatbot that looks like Bing or Chat GPT on the application sidebar.

To communicate with Copilot, just send a message as you would with any chatbot. It will automatically send responses based on natural language instructions.

What are the features Copilot provides for firms?

As Microsoft puts it, the Copilot program can aid you in unleashing your creative potential, increasing productivity, and increasing your knowledge. What is the extent to which Microsoft claims to be true?

This is evident in several instances of ways Copilot can improve your work as well as the work of your employees within the business.

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Copilot Features in Microsoft Word

Are you ever intimidated by the thought of starting a new document, whether it’s a presentation or an email to your boss? Copilot is here to help you out by generating document drafts.

With its integration with Microsoft Graph, you can also collaborate with others on documents, making teamwork a breeze.

Copilot in Word can assist you in various ways, such as simplifying your text, writing specific sections, or adjusting the tone of your writing to suit your needs. Whether you want your writing to sound casual, professional, condescending, or even humorous, Copilot can help you achieve the desired effect.

By using Microsoft’s AI tool, you can improve your creativity and save time on writing, editing, and research. With Copilot, you’ll never have to stare at a blank document again!

Copilot is a function inside Microsoft Excel.

As an Excel user, you may find it challenging to fully utilize its wide range of features, including learning how to use formulas and shortcuts to perform calculations efficiently.

However, Copilot can simplify your data analysis and exploration by allowing you to communicate with the assistant in natural language about the dataset you have entered.

With Copilot’s specific responses to your questions, hypotheses, and correlations, you can analyze your data without needing to use complex formulas.

Copilot Features in Microsoft PowerPoint

The process of creating a presentation using PowerPoint could be lengthy and tiring. If your forte is not writing creative summaries or presentations, Copilot can become your most valuable partner.

The AI assistant can change written documents into appealing presentations with notes and references to enhance your presentation.

It also lets you automatically create a draft version of a slide show using data from a different file, like a PDF or Word document.

Additionally, thanks to Copilot, you are able to easily modify the style or format of the text and create animations by using natural language signals.

Copilot Features in Microsoft Outlook

If we were to add up the amount of time we spend managing our email, we’d be pleasantly surprised. Utilizing Microsoft Assistant allows you to increase efficiency and productivity when it comes to responding, reviewing your email, and organizing it with a variety.

On the one hand, it’s able to make sense of a lengthy chain of emails with multiple senders in order to understand quickly what each individual has said and the issues that have not been resolved.

Copilot, on the other hand, can create mail for you with data from other documents or quickly respond to emails that are routinely sent.

Copilot Features in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams facilitates teamwork within your organization; however, using Copilot, its capabilities reach an even higher degree.

The tool assists you in daily tasks, such as setting up agendas for meetings that are based on the chat history and identifying the most appropriate people to conduct project follow-ups or check-ins for meetings.

However, the power of Copilot within Microsoft Teams continues. Copilot can create a list of points that can be discussed during meetings and can even create summaries of each session for participants who were unable to attend or simply wish to know the most critical issues that were discussed.

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