How to save routes on Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the most used map applications of the moment. It comes pre-installed on Android mobiles and that gives it a great advantage. Although iPhone has its own map app, it is also available for Apple phones. One of its most valuable functions is that of being able to save previously created routes, so they will be quickly available whenever we need them.

As we say, this app allows users to create and save navigation routes. To start with, we can create a route in the navigation app from different devices. One option is to do it from the PC, since it is a good way to plan a trip and if we know where we are going before starting the trip. This saves us time since we can access all these saved routes in a matter of seconds.

Save routes on Google Maps

When you open the application, you will see the search bar at the top to enter the destination you want to go to. Once we have written it, the map will change to show the location with a red marker. Under this, we will see several options: Directions, Start, Save, Label, and Share. To create your route you must choose one of the first two.

But if what you want is to know how to save routes on Google Maps, the steps to follow are straightforward. When entering the Google My Maps website, you must log in at the top right to access your Google account and choose the Create a Map option. Once this is done, write the address of the place you want to go to or the place you are going to leave from in order to create a route on the map. When finished, give the Map a name and select Save.

Check saved maps

Once we have saved the routes in Google Maps, we can consult them whenever necessary. To do this you will only have to enter Google Maps, and on the left click on the icon with three horizontal stripes that you have in the upper left. A list of options will appear here, and the one you will need to choose is Your Sites. The window that opens next shows the Maps option, where you will see the ones you have been saving.

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