Everything you need to know about Apple M1 Ultra

Everything you need to know about Apple M1 Ultra
Everything you need to know about Apple M1 Ultra

Apple unveiled its 2022 products last week. It is now time to look ahead to the next few months. Bloomberg Apple analyst Mark Gurman says it will be the next generation Apple-designed processors. The M2s will succeed the M1 Ultra and new Mac computers.

Apple will launch two to three new Mac computers by the middle of this year. Europa Press reports that they also plan to release updates to the Mac family (MacBook Air and Mac mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac), later in the year.

These teams will begin arriving with the second generation Apple’s processors according to Mark Gurman, who cites sources familiar with the plans.

Analysts claim that Apple is working on a new Mac Pro that will “double the performance” of the M1 Ultra. He believes Apple is waiting to launch the most powerful M2 chip possible, even though it could incorporate a chip from M1’s family.

The company plans to also develop a new DisplayPro XDR monitor that can increase resolution up to 7K . It will be equipped with an A-series processor, which enables features such as Center Framing and Siri local rendering.

The analyst predicts that Apple will release the following products until the transition to M2 is complete by 2023.

For consumers, there are MacBook Air (13”), MacBook Pro (13’’) with M2, Apple mini M2 Pro and iMac with MacBook Pro with M2 processors, and Apple Studio Display.

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A series chips in the iPhone 14

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and in regard to iPhone devices, the iPhone 14 Family will include four models. They will be available in the second half this year with the following names: iPhone 14 (6), 1 ”), iPhone 14 Maxi (6.7 ”), iPhone 14 PRO (6.1 ”), and iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7

The analyst shared a tweet on Twitter stating that only the Pro models will have the A16 processor and the A15 for the other two. The analyst also stated that all four models will include at least 6GB RAM. However, some models will use LPDDR5 (14 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max ). Other models will choose LPDDR4X (14 Pro and14 Maxspan).

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