WhatsApp to allow calls from an iPad without an iPhone

WhatsApp to allow calls from an iPad without an iPhone
WhatsApp to allow calls from an iPad without an iPhone

The truth is that we have been hearing rumors for years about a possible version of WhatsApp for Apple’s iPad. An open secret that began in 2019, when it was discovered that Facebook was working on this project to create a version of the app compatible with tablets.

Little by little, we have been receiving information with a dropper, but it seems that WhatsApp for iPad is closer than ever. Or this is what the colleagues of WaBetaInfo, experts in filtering information related to the popular instant messaging service, have discovered.

As we told you, we have been waiting a long time for the arrival of an official version of WhatsApp for the popular Apple tablet. And after the arrival of multi-device mode (currently only in beta phase), it was clear that the next step was its arrival on the iPad.

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What will WhatsApp be like for an iPad

As we have indicated, it has been the folks from WaBetaInfo who have shown new details about the version of WhatsApp that will arrive on Apple’s iPad. And one of the most interesting functions has been uncovered.

We talk nothing more and nothing less about the possibility of making WhatsApp calls using the iPad. And be careful, thanks to the multi-device mode, which will arrive in the final version of the app over the next few weeks, it will not be necessary to have the iPhone nearby.

As you can see in the Twitter message that they have published in the official WaBetaInfo account, when version 2.0 of the multi-device mode arrives on WhatsApp, the next step will be to launch a version for the iPad that will allow it to be linked to that of the iPhone. In this way, you can use the tablet to make or receive calls on the messaging platform even if your phone is not connected.

Regarding its operation, we can expect that the interface will be traced to the mobile version, but surely it only allows you to link to your account activated on the phone. And what about Android tablets? Well, the most likely thing is that they will receive the long-awaited application when WhatsApp launches the version for the iPad.

A movement highly anticipated by the community, which has been demanding for years the arrival of a version of WhatsApp for tablets. The truth is that it makes no sense that today the popular instant messaging application does not have its own app for this type of device.

Luckily, although the wait has been eternal, it seems that WhatsApp for iPad, in addition to the version for Android tablets, is closer than ever.

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