How To Run An Advertising Campaign On Whatsapp

How To Run An Advertising Campaign On Whatsapp
How To Run An Advertising Campaign On Whatsapp

More than a billion users, 50 billion messages are sent every day. With these figures, who does not consider advertising on WhatsApp?

It is very important to make it easy for customers and try to communicate with them in the simplest way. Therefore, it is advisable to discover the different forms of promotion that WhatsApp offers. Next, we will show you the steps you need to follow to run an advertising campaign on WhatsApp in the most popular instant messaging application

How to launch a campaign on WhatsApp?

The key is to segment the needs of the users, work on the type of communication you want to do, and inform the client in the correct way. That is, do not abuse by sending a large number of messages.

You have to be careful since WhatsApp establishes on its legal basis that it has the power to block any account if the user uses the service as spam. Therefore, this entails a specific procedure in which the user must authorize that they accept to receive our promotions, and we must try to add us to their contact list.

We advise that the information disclosed through WhatsApp does not contain attachments that have to be opened with office programs, to remove the user from possible difficulties.

Thinking of customers

WhatsApp is a form of communication accessible to everyone, however, you have to take customers into account and ask them if they are interested in using this tool as a source of information. They may find it an added value or, on the contrary, it may be an intrusion.

The important thing when telling you about our proposal is to emphasize that this type of communication will be exclusive and not continuous. For example, reporting personal discounts for birthdays, showrooms … In general, specific information for the client.

Some companies are using WhatsApp to help their customers with technical problems: users send a photo of what is wrong with them along with a descriptive text and the technical service via WhatsApp helps them.

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Steps to follow to launch the campaign

  1. Database: prepare a database of your customers and segment it based on what you want to offer. Thanks to this division you will be much more objective when it comes to communicating.
  2. The message: when you are clear about your audience and well segmented, you have to define the message you want to communicate, how you are going to do it, how you are going to convince them and how you are going to achieve your goal.
  3. Tools to use: WhatsApp has many possibilities, you can send messages with photos, videos and audios. Also, if you are successful, your contacts will be able to forward your communication.
  4. Make an impact: try to do something different and that interests the recipient. If the user feels identified with the message and believes that it can add value to their contacts, they will forward it and you can reach hundreds of users.

Strategies to use with WhatsApp

Here are some examples of promotion strategies that you can carry out on WhatsApp.

You can send your newsletter through WhatsApp instead of using traditional emails. But we recommend that you send a maximum of two newsletters per month so as not to saturate the user.

Another example would be the raffles, you can use this tool to facilitate that the participants send their photos and videos to compete through WhatsApp. In addition, if you send a promotional video of the contest in this way, it is most likely that if you like the prize, it will go viral and your message will reach many more people.

Finally, restaurants are the ones that are benefiting the most from this service, as they can send messages to their customers notifying them of cancellations, reservation reminders, or extra information about the restaurant such as star dishes or the menu of the day.

To make your WhatsApp campaigns a success, you need to hire a good marketing agency that can do the job for you.

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