Whatsapp disappearing chats feature to add more options

Telegram is gradually gaining a lot of fame in recent times. The app has grown exponentially over the last few months read more on our article on the best Telegram secrets and tricks you should know. Whatsapp though is not to be felt behind which has some interesting WhatsApp news that has been arriving in recent months. As usual, before they are implemented in the stable version, the beta versions put us on track with what is to come. Now, we know that Whatsapp is preparing a new option for its disappearing chats, that is, those that are deleted after a preset time.

In recent months, we are witnessing the implementation of several interesting options and some that are yet to come. You have to go back to November 2020, when WhatsApp announced that the user could choose to have the conversations of a chat delete themselves every seven days. But now, Wabetainfo, a regular in information about WhatsApp, has revealed that the application will expand this possibility with new options.

How to use the messaging chats feature on your phone

Simply, go to the Whatsapp app on your Android or iPhone. Click on any of your contact chats or your groups and select the disappearing messages feature. Choose the “on” option and save your preference. By turning on this setting new messages from the chat will be deleted after a period of 7 days. The new update of Whatsapp disappearing chats is yet to be released and is not still available to users.

Whatsapp Chats delete option available up to three months

The new option will allow us to mark the conversations that are deleted after 24 hours and up to three months. Of course, this possibility is kept disabled by default. It can be one of the most interesting functions for those who want to keep their chats clean. Not all users have the same message rate, the three options available are 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. The longer option will be useful for those chats or groups that are very active daily. The new option allows users to not clear their chats daily.

At the moment we do not know when the option will be implemented. It seems the novelty follows the usual process, first detected in the code by the developers and then premiere in the beta versions of iOS and Android. Finally, when fully tested, it will land on the stable versions that most WhatsApp users have installed. This app also allows you to delete conversations manually, both in individual ones and in chats. In many cases, it is a perfect way to free up space in chats with a lot of activity. The option to delete multimedia content can also be marked.

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