Best Telegram secrets and tricks you should know

Among the messaging applications that try to overshadow WhatsApp, Telegram is the most important. It has always been in the shadow of the Facebook app, but the truth is that it has also been a step ahead in terms of functions. Every day more people install Telegram as an alternative or to manage other types of conversations. Precisely because it is an application full of functions, there are many that are more unknown to users.  If you’re looking for channels with the latest movies or videos, check out top telegram channels for a better experience.

Send photos in the highest quality

We are amazed that the photos lose most of their quality when we send them by WhatsApp. Telegram has an option to send images without compression, so that information is not lost along the way. To do this we will have to enter a chat and click on the icon to send a file. Next, we touch on “File” and we navigate until we find the desired photo. Once done, we can choose to send the original image or file.

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Pin conversations

This is the best way not to miss a conversation or group that interests us especially. In this way, it will always be fixed at the top. To do this, we hold down the conversation and touch the pin icon that appears at the top. We will automatically set the chat at the top of the conversations.

Change the size and style of text

Many people receive a text in italics, bold, and other styles such as monospaced and they know how to respond in the same way. In Telegram, it is very simple since if we want to write in bold we must type the word with two ** asterisks ** in front and two behind. To write in italics we will have to do the same but with two __ underscores__. The text together or monospace can be activated by putting three ´´´ tildes´´´ in a row at the beginning and end of the word. We can also change the size of the letters within the chat, something extremely useful for many users. For this, we will have to enter the Telegram Settings and click on Chat Settings. Once inside we can modify the text bar to make its size bigger or smaller.

Block Telegram

Privacy is more important than ever, for that reason this option is very logical and will be liked by many users. It is about the possibility of blocking the application by means of a fingerprint or an unlock code. To do this, we enter Settings / Privacy and Security and touch Lock code. Once inside we will have to configure a PIN and activate the Telegram lock to prevent curious eyes from entering the app.

Dark mode

The Dark Mode is spectacular in terms of design and also allows you to save battery and rest your eyes. It may be a sea change at first, but those who activate it do not revert to the traditional model. It can be activated from the Settings menu and by tapping on Chat Settings. Once inside we enter the topic and select the Dark one. We can also select it at certain times or activate or deactivate depending on the theme that we have activated in the system.

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