WhatsApp: How to Send a Message without Typing

WhatsApp: How to Send a Message without Typing
WhatsApp: How to Send a Message without Typing

Voice notes are loved by some and hated by others, but some options allow you to combine their advantages with those of text messages.

If there is something divisive among WhatsApp users, it is the voice memos available in the application since 2013. The comfort that some users find talking instead of writing and the hassle that their reproduction supposes for others, especially in a public place, make this feature both detractors and supporters. Although judging by the 7,000 million voice notes sent daily, there are more of the latter than the former.

Fortunately for the first group, WhatsApp presents options combining the best voice notes for the sender, speed, and comfort, with the advantages of text messages for the receiver, the same speed and ease.

Using the application’s dictation feature, a user can convert a message from voice to text before it is sent. It is available through the microphone icon on the Keyboard, although you may have to activate the option in the phone settings for it to appear on Android and iOS. You must do it by following these steps:

on Android

  • Select Settings and then System.
  • Tap Languages ​​& input, and then tap Virtual Keyboard.
  • Select Google Gboard keyboard, Voice typing, and turn it on.

on iOS

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General and then Keyboard.
  • Tap the Enable Dictation option.

With the terminal settings correctly configured, the microphone icon will be available. By pressing it, WhatsApp will begin transcribing what you speak, including the punctuation marks you indicate.

If you want to correct any typo, you can do so by clicking on the text you have dictated. If you are satisfied, press Send so that your contact receives a text message without you having to write a single line of text unless you have corrected it.

The dictation feature is not the only option to send text messages without typing. Voice assistants from Google and Apple can perfectly handle the task.

In this case, you have to activate Ok Google or Siri with the corresponding command in each case (Ok Google / Hey Siri), order “Send a WhatsApp message to [contact],” and proceed to dictate the message.

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