10 Best Robocalling for Android and iPhones | Filter Robocalls

10 Best Robocalling for Android and iPhones | Filter Robocalls
10 Best Robocalling for Android and iPhones

The digital revolution has changed the world. It has opened its arms to the goodwill of all. Every new technology is now easily accessible to consumers. It has increased efficiency and reduced time, as well as the cost. There are two types of Robocalls. They are used in a small number of cases by owners of phones to remind them of appointments and prescriptions.

Most of these spam calls are offering credit “forgiveness” programs or extended car warranties. It has increased efficiency and reduced the time it takes to process calls. Recent ML technologies make it possible for businesses to place multiple calls at once. It is easy to extract the data from the internet and place a bot-call.

Some people suggest that you may have outstanding warrants for arrest or that you will be held by the IRS. These spam calls are annoying and very common. The only way to stop them is to know how to block spam calls.

Signing up for a “do not call” list won’t make any difference. iOS users can install one of the top spam call blocking apps for iPhone to stop unwanted calls.

robocall filtering applications and spam calls can be blocked. You will also be part of a rapidly growing community that is dedicated to putting an end to phone spam.

These unwanted robocalls are nuisance autodialers and illegal scams, and they are part of a problem that the Federal Communications Commission has been working to combat for years. A report by YouMail, a visual voicemail company and robocall blocking software firm, estimates that approximately 50.5 billion robocalls were made to U.S. customers in 2021. This works out to around 200 robocalls per adult who has a phone during the year.

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How can you stop robocalls from coming to your home?

The FCC has made promises that they will “scorched-earth” on the “scourge illegal robocalls.” This has recently included cease and desist to voice service provider, hundreds of millions in fines against Telemarketers, and cease-and DESIST to them. These third-party call blocking applications can protect your number from unwanted calls, and help you identify unknown numbers.

Jessica Rosenworcel, FCC Chair, has also suggested new rules to force mobile carriers block illegal automated message messages or robotexts. This is one of the “latest scamming trend” that the agency has on its radar.

A list of apps that can help you stop robocalls from Android and Iphone

  • YouMail
  • Hiya
  • RoboKiller
  • Truecaller
  • TrapCall
  • UnknownPhone
  • Calls Blacklist 
  • CallApp
  • Nomorobo
  • Call Control Home

Here are our Top picks from the list:


YouMail uses smart technology for detecting spam calls and robocalls. When such calls occur, it plays an ‘Out-of-service message’. The algorithm matches the incoming number to a list with spam numbers.

When an incoming call comes in, it asks users to provide spam or inappropriate numbers. The app’s robocall database is used by government as well as industry. You can choose to pay $5.99 per month for YouMail Plus, or $14.99 for YouMail Professional.

Hiya is the Best Free App to Block Spam Calls

Hiya is a free tool that can block spam calls from Android. This simple call blocking app automatically blocks spam calls, gives you real-time phone number lookups and warns about fraudulent calls. Hiya is available on Google Play and offers free basic access. Premium access costs $14.99 per year.

Truecaller: The Best App to Look Up Numbers

Truecaller has been a trusted and highly regarded spam prevention app. It has been a great help to the administration in solving many cases. Truecaller can identify the caller even before they appear. You will know that a call is coming before it even appears on your phone screen. Basic service is available for free. Truecaller Premium is $29.99 per year. Truecaller Premium Gold is $249.00 per year.

Call Control Home: The Best Robocall App For Landlines

Call Control makes it easy to block robocalls from landlines. It uses a small device that is connected to a smartphone application to monitor and block spam phone calls. Although the initial setup for Call Control System costs $149.99/year more than the other phone blocking apps, it is one of the best options for blocking spam calls from landlines.

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