Snapchat brings ‘Dual Camera’ recording to in-app camera

Snapchat brings ‘Dual Camera’ recording to in-app camera
Snapchat brings 'Dual Camera' recording to in-app camera

Snapchat is a messaging application that has launched the Dual Camera feature today. It’s a novel way to let Snapchat users record two different perspectives simultaneously.

It’s currently available for iOS for iPhone XS and newer (Snap claims that Dual Camera won’t be available on Android for some time. Snapchat Dual Camera function was launched on Monday as a new method to enable Snapchatters to take two different perspectives simultaneously. This new feature lets you use both side and front cameras at once to record videos and photos.

This brand new feature will allow users to simultaneously use the cameras on the front and back to record videos and photos.

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The company first announced a feature which it announced that the new option for video will be part of a set of features that are more advanced for creators, dubbed “director mode.” 

However, while director mode isn’t officially launched yet, Snap promises it will launch in the next few months. The company decided to introduce the Dual Camera as a stand-alone feature that is part of Snapchat’s main Snapchat camera.

The Camera on Snapchat has been voted the most frequently used Camera on the planet, according to Snapchat. Incredibly, the dual function of Snapchat offers four layouts. The messaging app lets users use creative tools like music, stickers, lenses, and other tools to create videos.

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Capturing content simultaneously using both devices’ cameras isn’t entirely new. The briefly popular app tried it ten years ago; however, the idea is becoming more popular since the popularity of selfie apps like BeReal. But Snapchat’s version of the concept differs from the other apps focused on taking selfies.

Dual Camera is a creative method for our users to capture thrilling moments and be part of the experience that includes dancing at a music festival, or even everyday moments such as your culinary experiences in the kitchen,” the company explained.

According to Snapchat, the new feature of Snapchat will be accessible globally on iOS on the 29th of August 2022. Android support is expected in the coming months.

For example, suppose you’re watching a football match with your pals on a Saturday evening. In the past, you could capture what was happening on the TV or your reaction via Snapchat since you only had one Camera. Using a Dual Camera, you can record what’s happening on the TV and your reaction simultaneously to provide a complete view of the situation.

Snap isn’t the only one testing dual-camera recording. Instagram tests a double camera configuration named “Snap,” which the company revealed this week is becoming an “internal design.” The feature appears more like something that could be a real similarity, although it’s not too difficult to imagine that the feature will someday appear in Reels also.

How to utilize Dual Camera:

  1. You can open Snapchat. Open Snapchat, and you’ll be able to see an updated icon on the toolbar for cameras.
  2. To start Dual Camera on Snapchat, you must access the Camera screen.
  3. Select the Dual Camera icon in the camera toolbar to test various layouts before taking the Snap
  4. Dual Camera has four layouts comprising horizontal, vertical pictures in pictures, and cutouts
  5. Snapchatters can also include stickers, music, and Lenses in their Snaps
  6. A “flip camera” button changes between the Camera’s main and second perspectives.

We believe this could change how creators take pictures of their surroundings. The first time, without any camera tricks or other applications, creators will be able to capture their reactions and 360-degree view,” Snap said. However, the suite is still to be released to the public.

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