Best 5 Languages for a Career in Fashion Industry

Best 5 Languages for a Career in Fashion Industry
Best 5 Languages for a Career in Fashion industry

Fashion is a subject in a study that demands a broad range of abilities. Most fashion students are well-versed in business and can draw upon their knowledge to predict trends and market products, from high couture evening party dresses to accessories like bracelets that are often created for these special occasions. 

To succeed in this competitive industry, you need collaboration skills, too – so speaking multiple languages can give designers an advantage when it comes time to collaborate with others on their designs. It facilitates more seamless collaborations and partnerships, particularly with fluent people in other languages. 

The most obvious ones for studying would be English, French, or Italian since those are considered standard. The ability to speak multiple languages can facilitate work relationships by ensuring everyone understands one another no matter what language they use on stage or in conversation at any time. 

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Five Languages for a Career in Fashion:


French is the perfect language to learn if you want to work in the luxury goods sector. Many words in English are borrowed from this native speaker of France, and some examples include chic, boulevard shopping, or vogue. Fashion is a global industry; to work in it, you must speak French. Even if your goal isn’t living overseas or studying at a university in Paris, learning some basic French phrases can still be handy when talking with clients and co-workers. 

Some terms come directly from their origin, so knowing a little bit about its history will help when looking up new words related to anything from clothing designs down through accessories to cosmetics.

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Chinese / Mandarin:

China has an estimated 1.4 billion population, including the fashion industry, which has taken the global economy. Recent studies show that this country will overtake the US as the most significant fashion market by 2019. designers know how fast things change over there. Due to supply chain issues associated with international shipping, they would rather have any part of their designs made at home rather than abroad. 

If you’re looking to make a mark in the fashion industry, acquiring Mandarin will be helpful. The language of China has been used for millennia to produce goods for everyone around them who speaks English, but not everyone knows this yet. 

Turkish / Arabic:

There’s a new region on the fashion scene, and they’re gaining traction fast. Middle Eastern designers have been presenting their ready-couture collections at Arab Fashion Week for years. This event showcases not only many quality designers from all over the Arab world but also welcomes international players with open arms to ensure no one is left behind when it comes to fashion trends’ frontlines. 

They are trailblazers and dedicated to making a difference in the world, whether they’re raising funds or advocating for environmental protection or social justice – they have many talents besides fashion design Arab women have been represented historically through visual art, but now they’re venturing into other fields, such as photography and fashion design, which were once thought only men could do.


Spanish is an excellent option for those who plan to work for international brands, factories, or offices located in Spain or South America. Spain is home to numerous fashion-forward brands, such as Zara and Mango. If you’re looking to join a Spanish fashion firm or even study fashion in Barcelona, it is necessary to be fluent in Spanish. 

Peru has long been a popular location for production due to its proximity and cost efficiency compared to China. Moreover, the manufacturing sector in Peru is governed by ethical practices for workers, which makes it an incentive for designers and brands focused on sustainable practices.


Italian is becoming more popular as an international language, and it’s no surprise why: the country has a rich history and culture, making it an attractive place for foreigners to work. One such person is Claudio Del Vecchio, an Italian millionaire who now owns the American firm Brooks Brothers. The terms used in fashion typically originated from Italian. It is essential for anyone in this business. They are trying to broaden their knowledge to understand at least the fundamentals of the dialect.


Many different languages can be used when it comes time for you to pursue a career in fashion. The most popular five, such as Arabic or Mandarin, can be found above and may also be worth exploring. 

A recent study showed some of the best design schools around the world offer classes in these other languages too, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t. You’ll also learn about history throughout all stages of education – from apprentice years up to professional graduation. 

The choice will ultimately come down to whether or not this particular field interests oneself most greatly; therefore, whatever decision one makes will most likely be worth sticking around until completion.

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