Apple will adopt USB-C for the next iPhone 15

A few days ago we echoed the new EU regulation, which requires electronics manufacturers to adopt the USB-C standard for their devices. It is something that is already used in most Android smartphones, but Apple has one of the biggest exceptions. Instead of moving to USB Type-C, Apple was the only manufacturer to stick to the Lightning standard, which has been its exclusive standard for years.

The new European regulation is a jug of cold water for Apple, which not only loses the freedom to develop its own standard but must adapt to the circumstances before the end of 2024 if it wants to market its iPhone in Europe. However, according to the famous editor According to Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, the iPhone 15 series will already make this change for the generation of 2023.

Wireless charging by flag

According to the analyst, this will only be a small transitional step for Apple, which intends to completely eliminate the charging ports of its devices. According to Gurman, the use of USB Type-C will be short-lived in Apple devices. The company’s plan is to introduce products that only support MagSafe wireless charging. According to the analyst, Apple is not at all happy about the switch to USB Type-C. This only leaves the doors open to wireless charging and it will not even be possible to connect the mobile to the computer via cable.

Rumors about the next iPhone 15 have not been long in coming. Excessively large changes may not be seen. The first bets assure that there will be a change in the names, since the superior models will be called iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, eliminating the name “Max”. Standard models are also expected to adopt the new design, including the dynamic island. The return of Touch ID is another of the rumors that are gaining more strength, although it is something that has been heard for years.

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