How to change the default quality of YouTube videos?

Which popular application comes to your mind when you want to watch videos on entertainment, education, or even sports? Most users would think of YouTube for streaming videos, such common phrases “lets YouTube it” is very common nowadays. YouTube is not just a website but a search engine. In fact, after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 3 billion searches per month. The streaming content platform has become a great reference when it comes to watching videos of all kinds. Today we discuss in this article how to change the default quality of YouTube videos.

YouTubers who are content creators are in charge of adding even more videos to this service owned by Google. In addition, the great G is responsible for gradually improving its star app with updates making it indispensable for users. For example, the content-on-demand platform improved its algorithm so that you can better control suggestions.  For example, suppose you are on the street and happen to start watching videos without a WiFi network and unless you have a lot of data you can save your data with these simple steps.

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Change the resolution of YouTube videos

It should be taken into account the content-on-demand platform changes the quality of the reproduction depending on the viewing conditions. Whether it’s because you have a bad internet connection or for any other reason, YouTube can vary in quality.

Even so, you can change the default YouTube resolution very easily. A very useful trick is the platform will allow you to configure in such a way you can watch any video without a WiFi connection and without having to worry about your data.

On the other hand, and as you will see later, the process is extremely simple, so feel free to try this trick to configure YouTube’s default resolution. Obviously, within the video you can continue to change the resolution to your liking, so you will have no problem if you want to see a video in a higher or lower resolution.

Steps to follow

  • The first thing you have to do is open your YouTube account and select your profile.
  •   Now tap on the More option.
  •  Within the available options select Quality.
  •  Now in the Quality section, you will see different options.

Here you can configure the quality of YouTube videos when playing them with mobile data and when you are connected to a WiFi network. This way you can select between three options.

YouTube Default Video quality settings on a smartphone
  • Automatic (recommended) – Adjusts to give you the best experience for your situation.
  • Higher image quality – Consumes more data, so videos may take longer to start playing or may need to be buffered more often.
  • Data saving: Image quality is lower, but videos may start playing earlier.

If you have limited data, we recommend you activate the Data Saver mode to save a few megabytes. As you have seen, the process is very simple, and you can change the settings whenever you want.

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