How to know if your mobile has wireless charging or not?

Wireless charging is not a novel feature to say. It is a function that has been implemented in our mobiles for years. However, it is true that there has been a period of years in which it was not important for manufacturers and has since recovered. Compatible mobiles can be charged without the need for cables since they use a technology similar to induction by which energy can reach the battery without the need for a charger connected to the charging port. But, how can we know if our mobile is compatible with this function?

The truth is that it is an attribute that can go very unnoticed since sometimes it is not even taken into account among the main characteristics of the smartphone or it may not be reflected in the box. In addition, it is rare that the manufacturer includes a wireless charging accessory, so the sales package will not give us clues about it either. But if there is any indication that we can already rule out that a phone is compatible with this type of wireless charging. For example, the construction of the phone, since generally, mobiles that have wireless charging tend to have a glass surface on the back.

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Get your doubts cleared with the app

To clear up doubts, it is best to download a tool that will help us. If you are not sure that your mobile is compatible with this type of wireless charging and you do not want to spend the money on a charger of this type to check it, just download an app. The tool in question is called Wireless Charging Checker. As its name suggests, what it does is check whether or not our mobile is compatible with this type of wireless charging.

When we run the app, we just have to click on the “Check” button to show us the result of the check. This will be shown with a message at the top, along with the information on our phone. It is a very useful app that clarifies our doubts as to whether our phone is compatible, avoiding, among other things, having to check it with a charger that we will later have to return because the terminal is not compatible with that charge. It is not the first time that it happens, since even some high-end mobiles, which we take for granted will include this function, do not. Therefore, this check never hurts.

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