How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Content

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Content
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Content

Instagram is a fashionable social network, there is no doubt. The profiles are full of perfect images and videos edited to the millimeter, making it seem that professional photography is available to anyone.

In keeping with this trend, hundreds of applications have been developed to improve image quality and make them more harmonious, thus helping us to get the most out of our accounts and multiply our engagement. Precisely so that you can also apply these strategies in your brand, today we present you UNUM, an app that will allow you to publish content with a premeditated visual sense and make your followers ‘visually trapped’.

What can we do with UNUM?

UNUM is the tool created to take care of your complete Instagram profile. From its own interface, it is able to see if an image or a video is in accordance with the tone of colors that we have been using or, even, if they are of the same theme. This App advises you which audiovisual content is the best to publish at that time or if you should save it for later occasions.


This application has evolved and now it is also possible to retouch the images from there, being able to always apply the same filter and, therefore, that they are all similar. Keep in mind that as a brand you have to offer uniformity in your content so that a user who enters your profile knows in just a glance that this Instagram belongs to your company. Take care of the framing, the colors, add stickers and other elements that make your photo more fun, and… publish!


UNUM also offers you the possibility of scheduling publications so that they appear automatically on your timeline. An advantage if you have several content to upload and you cannot do it in real-time.

The tool makes available to users a calendar in which you can see what days of the month you are going to publish and what you plan to launch. Even if you don’t want it to be done automatically, you can set an alarm to alert you to do it yourself.

Check data

However, the most interesting option is the statistics part in which the UNUM offers you the data that you must collect to know if your business works well on Instagram. It informs you of the likes you have in each image, the featured photos, the best time to upload content, the hashtags that work best for you in your account, etc.

The image that your business projects on social networks are essential since many of the new users reach your brand thanks to these channels. Of course, you should not forget that the message that is spread is fully in line with the company’s values.

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