Use WhatsApp on your PC without the need for a mobile

WhatsApp keeps adding features and news. We do not know if it will be due to the push of Telegram, which is its main rival, but the truth is that the most used messaging application in the world continues to introduce new features that are highly requested by users. The last one is one of the most important and long-awaited since it allows you to be connected to the web or desktop version of WhatsApp, without the need for the mobile to have a connection or not even turned on.

This was one of the biggest drawbacks when it came to handling the web or desktop version of WhatsApp. Generally, having WhatsApp open on the computer is something that millions of people use every day, either for work reasons or because it is simply more comfortable for them to answer from their PC or laptop. But the big drawback was that you always had to have your mobile on and connected to the network because otherwise, the web version would stop working.

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The web version of WhatsApp is now independent

And this is one of the great novelties of WhatsApp. It no longer matters if our mobile is offline or if it has no battery and is off. The moment we log into WhatsApp web, we can always keep it active. This also avoids the inconvenience of power managers, which often cause WhatsApp to stop working in the background for saving reasons, so the desktop app stopped working as well.

Now we can log in as usual to WhatsApp Web, reading the corresponding QR code. Instantly all chats will be opened in this version and the session will automatically remain open regardless of whether or not our mobile has a connection or is on or off. In addition, we can have an open session on up to four devices, something very useful if we use a desktop and laptop or even a tablet.

A small “inconvenience”

The only drawback derived from this novelty is that we will have to be more attentive than ever to close the open sessions. Before, when our terminal was turned off or was offline, the web version was rendered useless. Now, this is not going to happen, so we will have to be more attentive than ever to close the sessions started in case we share equipment, either at home, in the office, or if third parties access our device.

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