Which is the best mobile web browser?

Today we cannot think of a computer without its corresponding web browser. The same goes for our smartphones, which included this type of software many years ago. On Google play store or Apple store, hundreds of web browsers have come together that promise to be very fast and secure. Our terminal integrates one installed by default, but which is the best?

There are many factors that influence whether a browser can be better or worse as a whole. Many brands like Samsung or Xiaomi develop their own and it opens by default when you click on a link or type something in the search bar. But what does a mobile web browser need to be the best? Just put “browser” in Google Play to find hundreds of options.

Most users do not question anything about the browser that they have installed by default on their mobile. But is it the fastest or even the safest web browser? Is it the one with the most options? Surely this is not the case and that is we decided to investigate to look for any other alternative in the market.

Things that cannot be missing in a mobile browser


If we have to put some attribute at the top of the list, many people would say speed. The truth is that it is essential and no browser can miss it. It has to be very effective in this regard, adapts to each site, and displays all images and text quickly. In this sense, browsers like Chrome and Opera are very famous, but there are other factors that influence such as the speed of your connection.

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However, there is another section that is even more important, which is security and privacy. Every time we browse, we leave a trace and our privacy could be compromised if we do not choose the right browser. It is advisable not to install the first one we see because it simply catches our attention. Much less is it advisable to download one from an external site to the bazaar because it has reached us in an email, SMS, or similar.

If it catches our attention, the ideal is to see if it is a recognized browser or not, its downloads, user opinions, etc. There are some veteran browsers like Opera, which even integrate a free VPN to be able to browse privately. It is an aspect to consider that many browsers will indicate in their descriptions. However, there are a handful of well-known and trusted web browsers that we can install without any problem. We leave some of them right here.

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Samsung browser
  • Microsoft Edge

Extra features

Finally, the extra options are something to keep in mind when we want to change the browser. We refer to functions that may not be present in all but that we will miss if they are not. We have an example in the Dark Mode, which is present in almost all applications. The translation of web pages is another one of those functions that not all browsers have and that can be really useful. A Data Saving Mode is also important when the time comes when we have little data left in the rate or they have been directly exhausted.

In conclusion

As in almost everything, there is no perfect browser, since this will depend on the needs of each user. Therefore, search, compare and find the one that best suits what you need on a day-to-day basis.

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