When to schedule mobile updates on your smartphone?

When to schedule mobile updates on your smartphone?

Our smartphone receives many updates throughout the day/month. Some are focused on improving or correcting small errors, while others are aimed at updating the operating system. We have also seen the importance of security updates on other occasions. However, as important as they are, on many occasions, they arrive at the least uninvited moments.

In many cases, updates require a reboot to complete successfully. In addition, they consume network resources while they are downloaded and the system in general while they are installed. In short, they can be completely inopportune if we are in the middle of an important task with our smartphones. This is one of the reasons why many users prefer to disable or schedule updates.

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Turn off Automatic Updates

It is very easy to disable automatic updates, but if we do, we will have to be very vigilant to check from time to time those that are pending and not leave the applications without updating, since many could stop working. To do this we will have to follow the following steps: 

Find and tap Settings / System / Advanced / Software update / Menu button (three dots vertically) / Settings. Now we touch on the Automatic update of applications and select the option to deactivate them. In addition, it is convenient to have the Wi-Fi Only option activated to avoid charges for mobile data.

Keep Updates only at night

However, the best time to do all these updates is at night and well into the morning. In this way, we can use the device at full capacity during the day. It is something similar to what happens with WhatsApp backups, which are made discreetly at dawn when we are sleeping.

In this case, and although the method varies from device to device. The setting is found in the options menu, within the section dedicated to system updates. Inside we will see a settings icon to be able to uncheck those that refer to automatic system updates. The one that we should leave selected is the one that refers to the updates at night. In this case, they will not disturb us during the day and if there are, they will start from 02:00 to 04:00 in the morning.

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