How to clean mobile connectors easily?

One of the most important elements in a mobile phone is the connectors. The problem is that the accumulation of dust or dirt can cause them to stop working properly. Yes, this may be the reason why your smartphone is not charging. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as knowing how to clean the connectors of a mobile phone.

In this way, you can save more than a trip to the technical service, since a simple speck of dust can cause problems when charging your mobile phone, or can even affect the proper functioning of the device’s speaker.

Another of the most common failures has to do with the headphone jack. If dirt of any kind has accumulated, your phone may be sending you notifications, since it detects that there are headphones connected, when it is not. Rest assured that, as you will see later, the solution is very simple.

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We also want to emphasize that this tutorial is suitable for any mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, or if you use a micro USB or USB-C connector. If you follow these tips to clean the connectors on your phone, you will get them to work at full capacity.

This is how to clean the connectors of a mobile phone

The first thing you have to do is turn off the mobile phone. With this, we save possible short circuits that can damage the device. In addition, we recommend that you wait a few minutes before continuing, as the device may still have a static charge.

Now, you will need a sharp object to clean the connectors. Ideally, use a pin, or the skewer that comes with the phone to open the SIM card. We don’t recommend using a toothpick as it can chip and cause a bigger problem.

Once you have your “cleaning tool”, gently insert the sharp object into the connector to remove any traces of dirt that may have accumulated. The most normal thing is that dust specks have accumulated, so you can remove them completely in one go. However, we recommend doing several rounds to increase effectiveness.

It is very important that you be delicate and Do not puncture excessively. You can damage an internal part but focus on making very gentle movements to drag the dirt to the outside.

Finally, you only need to apply air to the area so that the dust particles that are still inside fly out. The most common thing is to blow it, but being picky we do not recommend it because particles of saliva can get inside. The solution? A compressed air spray or even your home vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer (with cold mode activated), carefully bringing the connector closer. It couldn’t be easier now to clean your mobile connector.

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