What are the new Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 11?

Users are probably eagerly waiting for the new Windows 11 update which is mostly coming out during this year’s holiday season. Some reports suggest that the new update will drop as early as October 20th. However, Microsoft has not confirmed any of these rumors. We can confirm Windows Central, the tech blog of Microsoft has introduced new keyboards shortcuts for Windows 11 which are Quick Settings, Notification Center, Widgets, and Snap layouts.

In this blog, we will discuss all the new features in detail in the next section.

Widgets Interface

Widget Center in Windows 11
Widget Center Feature in Windows 11

The first new feature we will talk about is the Widgets feature, the keyboard shortcut is Windows + A. It is similar to the existing one for Windows 10 featuring cards such as top stories, news, entertainment, sports, weather reports, and traffic reports. Users are also able to add new Microsoft To-do-lists in the Widgets screen.

Notifications Center

Notifications Center Feature in Windows 11

The second new feature is the new notifications center, the keyboard shortcut is Windows + N. The notification center includes all of your main notifications and is now combined with a month-long calendar view in the new Windows 11 update.

Quick Settings Screen

Quick Settings Feature in Windows 11

The next feature is the quick settings and the keyboard shortcut is Windows + A. This section acts like a toggle (Settings and Notifications) is divided into two parts. One section includes common settings as volume, Bluetooth, Night light, Focus Assist, and Brightness. The other section acts as a Media player for songs/ videos supporting any browser or apps like Microsoft Edge and Spotify.

Snap Layouts Menu

Snap Layout feature in Windows 11

Finally, the last feature is the snap layouts, the keyboard shortcut is Windows + Z. Be more productive, multitask and access all the apps with the new snap layout feature, and choose between several pre-existing layouts to get a new and intuitive experience.

Expect Microsoft to release more new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11. Meanwhile, read more about the new features of Windows 11 on our blog. What are your favorite existing keyboard shortcuts? Let us know in the comments.

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