10 High Demanding Jobs for Creative People

10 High Demanding Jobs for Creative People
10 Jobs for Creative People

If you’re an artsy individual, it can be frustrating when you’re in a job that does not enable you to express your creative side. Sometimes sitting in an office Monday to Friday staring at a computer screen is not ideal. You might even begin to feel helpless and on the brink of getting to pay someone to write a research paper for your work or school. When you start to feel restricted by your job, it may be time for a career change.

Here are 10 of the best jobs for creative people.

Interior Designer

Interior design is not just about placing cushions on settees and choosing fancy robes to lay on the floor. This job takes a lot of thought and creativity in order to create a beautiful and inviting room.

Interior designers work to make indoor spaces look aesthetically pleasing. If you have an eye for home design, you can apply your skills to this rewarding career.

There are several branches of interior design. For example, you can work in a corporate setting to help businesses with their Office Interior Design. Or you can work in events and help to style wedding receptions or celebrations.

Web Developer

Web developers work to create high-quality websites for businesses or individuals. This involves everything from organising the back end of the system to designing the content itself. However, if you prefer sticking to the more technical side of website creation, you can work alongside a graphic designer who will organise how the website looks on the front end.

This job does not necessarily require specific qualifications. However, it definitely helps to have some prior knowledge regarding coding and computer systems if you want to become a web developer.

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Being a musician is a super creative job. Whether you enjoy creating your own beats and writing the lyrics to go with it, or you prefer to strum a guitar or play the piano, the possibilities for musicians are endless.

Many songwriters and musicians use their music as an outlet. They share their personal stories whilst adding an amazing creative spin. As a musician, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level by producing songs and melodies that resonate with them.


When you think of being creative, one of the first things that probably pops into your head is painted artwork. Painting is an incredible way to express yourself. You can tell a whole story through the strokes of your paintbrush.

Every person has their own unique painting style. Find the style that suits you best. This could be realism, Impressionism, contemporary, or surrealism. If you enjoy creating beautiful pictures on a canvas, painting is the career for you.

Events Manager

As an events manager, you will work closely with clients to produce an incredible event for them. Whether this is for a wedding, a workshop, or a birthday celebration, most events managers choose a specialism to go into.

This job requires a creative flair to take a client’s ideas and bring them to life. You also need to take into consideration their budget and time constraints, so you need to be analytical and efficient in your work.


Journalists take a story and spin it into an engaging and interesting written format. This content is then published in newspapers or online. If you have a particularly strong ability to create informative story-based content, journalism could be the career for you!

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you will need to use your creative skills to produce effective social media marketing campaigns in order to maximize brand visibility and generate valuable leads.

You will need to coordinate a large team of marketers and content creators to produce high-quality content that your brand’s target audience will love. As a social media manager, you may also engage with customers directly through direct messaging and via comments on your posts.

Author or Writer

Whether you are writing your own novel or creating blog content for a website, writing is the perfect job for those of you who are creative.

Writers are not confined to storytelling through books. There are jobs available that invoke writing copy for social media posts or emailing campaigns. This involves producing engaging and accurate information to captivate a company’s target audience. These roles require a little knowledge about marketing, but this can be learnt on the job.

If you love piecing together a complex story or using words to convey a specific message, consider delving into the writing world!

Make-up Artist

As a make-up artist, you generally travel around the area to events to do apply make-up to clients. This can be for weddings, performances, or other important events. Although very few qualifications are required for you to become a make-up artist, you need to have a natural creative flair. Depending on the type of makeup artist you are, you may need to create specific looks. For example, if you’re working on set for a TV drama based in the Victorian era, you will be required to style your client’s make up to emulate the popular looks of the era.

Content Creator

Content creation covers a huge range of jobs and it is an amazing way to show your creative side. 

As a content creator, you will produce entertaining and engaging content that provides value to a specific audience. This is generally via digital platforms such as social media channels.

Many businesses hire freelance content creators to produce inspiring content for their brand to help generate more leads and boost sales. You can create still images or graphics, videos, podcasts, or written content as part of this role, so there really is something for everyone in a content creation career.

If you are a particular creative person looking to practice your skills in a meaningful career, consider the above roles. You might find one that is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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