How to Create a 360-Degree Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Create a 360-Degree Digital Marketing Strategy
what is a 360 marketing campaign

Providing experiences in a 360 marketing campaign is based on transmitting a message on multiple platforms and that it meets a general idea. We explain how it works and key examples.

The 360 ​​marketing proposal is simple: Reach the target audience using as many communication channels as possible. The idea is to carry out a great advertising pattern that is replicated in various media, which will allow information to reach customers much easier.

In fact, it is not simply releasing the data and transmitting it in each communication channel, it is carrying out a strategy that requires planning, since it is necessary to evaluate each element and, otherwise, customers could see it as an invasive campaign.

The forms of consumption change constantly, so it is normal that promotions do too, and it is for this reason that companies need to adapt with Growth Hacking strategies .

In the following paragraphs we will go into an in-depth look at how 360 marketing campaigns work and the best examples.

360 marketing seeks that all parts or sectors of the business align to achieve a common goal, since it uses multiple platforms for that purpose. 

Its premise is based on employing a strategy that covers a large number of traditional and digital media so that the information about products and services reaches the largest number of people possible.

The final objective will always be to interrelate all communication channels to interact with customers in a way that guarantees them a unique experience, regardless of the means by which they have received the message.

Today, the number of channels where companies can share their products with customers is constantly growing; although it is important to note that, despite the fact that offline media continue to be used, the online world is overshadowing other advertising elements every day.

What to take into account in Marketing 360?

Like any marketing strategy, planning is an important step, especially when it will be carried out in multiple information channels; And let’s remember that each medium works differently, so it is necessary that you take into account the following:

Buyer Persona come first

If you do not know your market, you will hardly be able to sell, although the important thing in this case is communication, as it is one of the elements that will help you generate a true commitment to customers.

Creating your Buyer Persona will allow you to better define which communication channels you should use , and with so many available means, there are a large number of options that will help you reach them.

Create different posts

Regardless of the channel, it is important to show a unique and consistent image to the audience. Communicating the message clearly will allow the information to be better understood, so it is important to use a language that everyone handles, which should be developed based on the Buyer Persona created.

To guarantee a greater relationship with the brand, it is necessary that you transmit a message in each social networks that identifies with the values ​​we profess, so customers will look for what you sell.

Adapt the message

What type of content do you think your customers are looking for and that in turn relate to your brand? Think about how your customers would think. Your message must be in tune with everything you really want to convey; And that is why we emphasize the importance of having your Buyer Persona developed, as it will serve as a guide to understand your customers.

Why choose a 360 marketing campaign?

To answer this, it is important to ask ourselves another question: Faced with the competition and the thousands of ways to transmit information, how do you stand out from the rest? We know that there are too many people in the market, but with a good strategy it is possible to excel.

The positioning is what defines that the brand remains in the minds of consumers, as it will be the first thing they will see.

The same happens with the objectives and the approach that you want to give it, and depending on this there can be positive or negative results.

It is also vital to say that many brands currently tend to reactivate their sales with products that previously did not perform well, since the idea has always been based on capitalizing on the interactions generated by the target audience , and that is exactly what a 360 marketing campaign does. .

In what media can a 360 marketing campaign be created?

In previous paragraphs we commented that 360 marketing campaigns cover a large number of platforms on which it can be carried out. Here we will address each of them in depth, trying to explain how they work and their usefulness for companies and consumers.


Each brand should have a website , content is king as it serves to give the brand identity . In addition, it is also, so to speak, the central mechanism in which other communication channels will be included, that is, it serves as a link to take users to other platforms.

Content marketing

Every marketer knows that content is king , making it one of the ways to convey the most necessary and important information today, since any user will want to find what they are looking for, and companies are constantly working on it. meet that goal.


Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are an important part of any 360 marketing campaign , since both allow to target the audience much easier, which allows the company to build a very notable and significant fan base.

Traditional marketing

Billboards, newspapers, radio and television advertisements, are platforms that serve a large number of consumers and that should be taken into account for the development of the 360 ​​marketing campaign. In turn, they also allow you to track sales to local level.

Obviously, within a 360 marketing strategy it will be necessary to monitor your advertising in any way, including offline.

Best Examples of 360 Marketing Campaigns

With the intention of responding to the title of this post, we will mention and explain the 2 best 360 marketing campaigns that, in our opinion, have been carried out, as they used excellent planning and execution.

Dunkin ‘Donuts

Industries focused on coffee grew every day, and competition was more intense, so Dunkin ‘Donuts sought to reflect on the consumer that they were more than a store that sold coffee. The idea of ​​wanting to convey that was effective, as people would start to see Dunkin ‘Donuts as a place where you could have a good coffee in the morning.

Now, how did you implement your 360 marketing campaign? They released the aroma of the coffee through a dispenser, attaching it to a radio ad, and using billboards. This resulted in a 16% increase in visitors and sales.

Russell hobbs

Their mission was clear: increase sales and strengthen their positioning. However, despite being a company that sells quality electronic products, the competition was still challenging, so they developed a simple but effective idea.

Their strategy was based on simply buying any of their products, and you would automatically participate in their raffle, which gave you the opportunity to travel to Rome, Paris, or London.

The campaign lasted 3 months, and was publicized on television, press, radio, social networks, traditional advertisements and billboards, resulting in a substantial increase in sales.

Final words on 360 marketing

In marketing there are no limitations. Every company should have different creative strategies, and that also integrate various communication channels that allow covering a larger area.

The Dunkin ‘Donuts example is perfect to represent a 360 marketing campaign, as each of the elements used complemented each other to make each step of the process work.

It is important not to think of only one type of advertising, try to combine your strategy with other platforms to reach the largest number of customers possible. And the essential in any strategy will always be the creative resource, since it will allow you to develop an original and unique campaign.

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