5 Growth Hacking strategies to grow your business

5 Growth Hacking strategies to grow your business
5 Growth Hacking strategies to grow your business

Before starting with some growth hacking marketing techniques for SMEs; I want to make one thing clear: Growth Hacking is simpler than it seems.

And, yes, you can apply it to your business.

No matter what the nature of it is, you will always have a space to do Growth Hacking, because it is what any business needs: rapid growth, the lowest possible cost.

All digital businesses have a website, and any website has a  conversion funnel that can be divided into three parts:

  1. Attraction (that is, bringing people to your website).
  2. Activate (or what is the same, that users do something on your site: make a call, visit a page, buy a product).
  3. Retain (retain the customer, keep him happy, and make him repeat).

So what is Growth Hacking?

The set of techniques and strategies that are applied to each part of this funnel in order to meet those attraction, activation and retention objectives.

Of course, you cannot apply the same Growth Hacking Marketing techniques to all parties equally, but you will have to know which ones are appropriate for each stage .

Growth Hacker Profile

So what is a Growth Hacker? Who can help you grow your business with these techniques? Are you a programmer? An engineer? Does it have to come from a startup?

No. Nothing is further from the truth.

There is a lot of mythology around the term and the figure of the Growth Hacker. However, Growth Hacking has more to do with general knowledge of digital marketing than with programming.

Of course, as a rule, Growth Hacker are analytical and creative profiles whose main objective is to grow the business.

Of course, they are also very transversal, which makes them very valuable for small and medium businesses that cannot afford a full agency or a large team.

The Growth Hacker moves with ease in different disciplines: inbound marketing, conversion or web analytics.

Growth Hacking techniques that you can apply (from now) to your business

You already know that your business has a conversion funnel and that different techniques must be applied to each part of this funnel.

Also know what type of professional you have to collaborate with to start growing.

Now I am going to tell you some of the main Growth Hacking Marketing techniques you can start applying to your business now (maybe you are already applying some).

Let’s go there.

1. SEO-oriented content marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of today’s digital marketing. The user is going to perform a Google search and your content has to be prepared.

That is why you need a blog with quality content for your users, to attract them so that they are interested in what you offer.

And to find out what these potential customers want, you will have to analyze their online searches to serve the content they are really looking for.

2. Become a benchmark in the sector

The user is demanding and not only that; rather, you have many options to choose from.

Why will he buy your products or services?

It is time to become a benchmark in the sector. Some of the most used strategies are the creation of ebooks, whitepapers or the realization of webminars.

The ultimate goal is to be perceived, you or your company, as someone who knows the subject in depth and that the customer chooses your service or product instead of the competition.

Therefore, it is important to always offer quality and visually attractive content . Infographics or Guest Blogging are also very effective strategies.

3. Viral acquisition

Do companies like Dropbox or AirBnb sound familiar to you? 

They have been using this Growth Hacking technique since the beginning of their days and they have not done badly at all.

It consists of encouraging users to share your product or service in exchange for a benefit for them.

For example, if you invite a number of friends to visit AirBnb, you will get a% discount for the following reservations.

Can you adapt it to your business? Ahead.

4. Digital advertising

Digital advertising is also within the competence of the Growth Hacker.

Currently, the competition on the Internet is such that PPC has stopped being an alternative to become a necessary complement in any online marketing plan worth its salt.

In particular, I really like Social Ads. Through them you will be able to reach your ideal client and reach it not only through quantitative segmentation; but of the qualitative.

Take, for example, Facebook Ads , one of the largest databases in the world with tastes and preferences of potential customers for your business.

How about you contact them?

5. Email marketing

Although it seems otherwise. Email marketing is one of the most powerful techniques you have to communicate with your customers.

With clear benefits:

  • Intimate communication, from you to you.
  • It is not invasive.
  • It is relevant and personalized.

The key is in segmentation. Segment everything you can to your customers and communicate only what interests them.

In this way you will increase the opening percentage of your newsletters and, therefore, the conversion possibilities will multiply.

As you can see, Growth Hacking Marketing is not only a discipline that can be applied to large companies or startups of a marked technological nature; but from today you can start implementing them in your business. 

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