How do you know if your phone is tapped? what should you do?

How do you know if your phone is tapped? what should you do?
How do you know if your phone is tapped? what should you do?

There are ways to make sure your private communications are secure. The security of wireless networks and devices is just as important today as it was in your home or office. It is therefore important to learn how to find out if you have a tapped phone and what you can do about it.

Technology can quickly become your enemy. You can connect a few speakers to your wireless network, control the lighting in your house, or monitor your security cameras remotely through your phone. This is a double-edged sword, not to mention banking applications.

How do you know if your phone was tapped?

We are often unaware of many signs that are barely visible. This could be due to our lack of awareness or ignorance, as well as the way we live. You might be one of these:

  • Exaggerated Data Consumption The person who tapped your phone must send any information they consider to be important from your phone. These include passwords, locations, files, and other information. In extreme cases, this could also include call monitoring.
  • Calls to unknown numbers It is possible to check unknown numbers and review the details of your statement’s incoming and outgoing calls. Although it may sound a little odd, it does happen. You can double your phone number, and then simply use your service. This will be charged to your account.
  • Unknown applications installed. Some apps can be used to track and steal information you input on websites or apps. It is nearly impossible to hide an app on a mobile phone these days, but it is possible to keep it from being seen. Check your installed apps list and delete any you don’t recognize.
  • Unusual Battery Drain Spy applications and their updates, as well as the creation and sending of reports, are all examples of energy-consuming activities. High consumption of your phone without using it for more than a day is an indicator.
  • Noise on calls Although it may sound outdated, call monitoring is still a reality. Even though it is safe to assume that you are being monitored, you might hear noises such as interference and even cross calls.

You can also check if your phone has been interrogated and if so, how to eliminate it. There are codes you can dial as a call to find out the status of your screen. These codes work both for Android and iPhone.

## 002 #

This code can be dialed to eliminate call forwarding in the event that your cell phone is tapped.

* #62 #

This code will let you know to which number of calls are being directed when your phone is out of range or offline. This is normal.


This code, unlike the previous one, tells you verbatim whether a service has been diverted.

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What should I do if my phone is tapped?

No matter what type of phone you have, these tips will help you. It is highly recommended to use a password manager.

  • Keep your operating system up to date Both Apple and Android offer updates. However, the iPhone is more advantageous in this regard. Regardless of the model of your device, you should always keep up-to-date with the latest updates.
  • Do not install apps from outside your app store Installing an app “from the outside”, whether it’s to save money or because it’s not in your store, can prove very costly. This app could be a virus disguised and you’re giving it full access on your phone.
  • Get an antivirus. Although it does not provide 100% security, it will help keep hackers away from your phone. Do not hesitate to search for the best antivirus available and install it.
  • Keep your phone in plain sight. There are certain types of intervention that your phone requires. It shouldn’t be left unattended for too long. It should not be given away. In an emergency, you should keep it close to the person using it.
  • Enter your password on the home screen No matter how irritating it may seem, the password is the best way to protect your phone. Apps installed without authorization may require your password in order to remain active if they attempt to modify security settings.
  • Do NOT root or unlock your phone This procedure will give you almost complete freedom to hackers to alter any aspect of your security, including applications.

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Even if you have followed all the steps, if you are still unsure if your phone was hacked, it’s best to perform a factory restore. This is how we do it on iPhones, but it might be different for Android phones. You will lose all data from your phone if you do this.

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