iPhone 13 to feature LEO Satellite for better connectivity

iPhone 13 to feature LEO Satellite for better connectivity
Preview of the new Iphone 13

One of the most highly anticipated events of this year is without a doubt is the release of the new iPhone 13 models. Apple’s next flagship is just around the corner, and with its imminent launch, new rumors and leaks are constantly emerging.  Ever since Apple released its very first iPhone in the year 2007 since then launched every subsequent year a new iPhone which is quite remarkable.

Release Date

According to previous iPhone release events we are expecting the new iPhone 13 series to be launched between September 7 and September 21. Apple is anticipating a vast demand for the new iPhone 13 and has already started the process to ramp up production. An expected 90 million units are anticipated to produce by the end of this year an increase of 20% from the last year 75 million units produced for the iPhone 12.  The iPhone 13 series will most likely include the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13 mini similar to the iPhone 12 series.

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iPhone 13 satellite connectivity new function

A new function that the iPhone 13 could have has just been filtered to make a difference with their rival which is the power to make calls even if there is no coverage. While Apple has not confirmed this new feature this rumor or leak is not fake and in fact quite reliable because this information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s analyst whose predictions are always spot-on.

However, this rumor is nothing new. In 2019, Bloomberg confirmed that Apple was studying using satellite technology to transmit data to iPhones which makes this information makes reliable. The analyst had reported the iPhone 13 will have a satellite connection In this way, and through a statement for investors, Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that the iPhone 13 will use low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to be able to make calls even if there is no mobile coverage.

With this new technology, Apple would allow users of an iPhone 13 to make calls from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether they have no coverage since by offering satellite connectivity, you only have to connect to a satellite of the LEO network that passes nearby.

To get the iPhone 13 to enjoy satellite connectivity, the company has decided to bet on a Qualcomm modem chip. Exactly it will be a customized version of the Qualcomm X60 in charge of allowing the next Apple phones to communicate with LEO satellites.

In addition, according to the renowned analyst, although the iPhone 13 – indeed remember that four different versions will arrive – will be the first to release this technology, Apple’s idea is to implement this modem to its entire range of devices. In this way, the Apple Watch and other gadgets of the firm would take advantage of the LEO satellite network.

Find below all the possible new specifications for the iPhone 13

  1. Smaller notch
  2. 120Hz ProMotion display
  3. Camera improvements
  4. A15 Chip
  5. 5G


The upcoming iPhone 13 will have a greater price tag than usual because of the increased costs of chip production from the TMSC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). However, Apple is yet to confirm the price of the new iPhone.

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