Why does Google Maps blur certain areas in their maps?

Why does Google Maps blur certain areas in their maps?
Why does Google Maps blur certain areas in their maps

Military bases or points where there have been murders are pixelated in the application.

Humanity would surely not be the same without the existence of maps. This invention immensely helped many of the travelers whose only mission was to reach some point and thus be able to expand the limits of the knowledge of civilizations.

With just a drawing of how they imagined the place, some were in charge of recounting those points that were explored. Certain civilizations even imagined undiscovered areas as the end of the world to fear reaching certain places whose dangers were unimaginable.

But maps have accompanied human beings until just a few decades ago. Its use has developed from wars to car trips, something that would change with the arrival of the internet and new technologies whose most notable application is Google Maps.

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This Google invention completely revolutionized our way of traveling and even knowing how to get to some places in an alternative way. In recent weeks, the application has developed new aids that can help, such as being more ecological when traveling by car, which is essential to save fuel.

Among the multiple options that the application offers, the possibility of visiting any point on the planet stands out. Thus, we can virtually walk around the site by selecting the area we want to see, although we are not always allowed complete freedom.

Google views some points around the world whose. 

The three reasons to pixelate

Thus, there seem to be three reasons why Google prohibits us from seeing some points worldwide. The first is respect for citizens’ privacy, where images of places are taken to prevent everyone from knowing what is like or what is at that particular point.

Thus, celebrities such as Paul McCartney have asked Google to censor their homes, preventing them from seeing what they look like. In addition, the company has to eliminate the faces of all those that appear, something that is not always strictly fulfilled with minor system errors.

The second reason is the security of specific points on the planet. Military bases or places with dark pasts are removed from the application to prevent what happens there from being seen by the whole world.

At the request of governments, for example, airfields, intelligence facilities, scientific and nuclear centers, and other buildings that can even prevent a terrorist attack are eliminated.

Finally, Google can even censor a place on the planet for commercial purposes. In those points where the population is scarce, and the interest can be almost nil, the company decides not to fly over the area or, if it does, publish low-resolution images.

Thus, on many occasions, users can help and collaborate by posting their snapshots so that those who wish to visit the area virtually can do so.

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