20 Technology Trends to Watch in the Next Decade

20 Technology Trends to Watch in the Next Decade
20 Technology Trends to Watch in the Next Decade

Although we may not be on Mars or do business in a wingsuit coming ten years will see numerous exciting technological advancements. In this article I’d like to lay out the major trends I expect to be the most prominent in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI)Our surroundings will change as we become technologically adept and learn to respond more intelligently. This is also the basis for several of the other patterns in this list.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected system of gadgets (IoT)

This refers to the increasing number of Intertubes smart devices and applications. These machines are continuously taking in and transmitting information, propelling Big Data and AI forward.

Augmented persons and wearables

What started with Fitbit has now evolved into a growing wearable technology world that aims to improve human performance and aiding us to live healthier safer, more efficient lives.

Humans and technology may interact at a distance, transforming into enhanced humans or transhumans.

Big data and enhanced analytics

Big Data is the term used to describe the constant increase in the amount of data generated by our society. Because of the field of data science, we already manage many and diverse large data sets (very sophisticated data analysis, sometimes powered by AI techniques).

The smart environment and the smart places

It is closely linked closely to closely linked to Internet of Things, this trend is a sign of physical spaces like offices, homes and even whole towns becoming connected, and intelligent.

Blockchains and distributed ledgers

This highly secure method of storing, confirming, and preserving information could revolutionize several aspects of enterprise, particularly when it comes to facilitation of safe transactions.

Cryptocurrencies will rule the globe. It could be through trading on the Bitcoin wallet or mining, like Helium Mining.

Edge computing as well as cloud computing

Cloud computing, where data is stored on different computers and is accessible over the internet is making information and analytics accessible to people in general.

This is going to be taken to the next step with edge computing, where data processing takes place through smartphones (such as smartphones).

Digitally extended reality is the number eight

This new trend, which includes virtual real-time, augmented reality along with mixed reality highlights the trend towards deeper digital immersion.

The idea Digital twins

A computer-generated version of a physical thing (or process) or even an ecosystem is referred to as digital twin.

It is possible to play around with modifications and modifications that were too expensive or risky to do on a tangible object due to this technology’s reduction.

Natural Processing of Language

This technology that allows machines to comprehend human languages, has had a profound impact on how people interact with robots. This led to the development of.

Chatbots and voice interfaces are growing

A lot of us are used to communicating with machines just by writing or speaking our needs due to Alexa, Siri, and chatbots.

Many businesses will be using chatbots and voice interfaces in order to engage with their customers in the near future.

Face recognition and computer vision

Why can’t machines be able and communicate the same way humans do? One way in which this technology helps machines in visualizing the surroundings is through face recognition.

While facial recognition technology will be subject to stricter government regulations but the technology is not going to be removed from the market.

Robots and cobots are two distinct types of robots.

Robots are now advanced than they have ever been they are now able to react to their surroundings and complete tasks without the help of human beings.

In certain areas, humans will be expected to work alongside robot peers in the near future which is why they are called “cobot,” or “collaborative robot.”

Automobiles that drive themselves

Automated vehicles of all kinds such as taxis, autos trucks, as well as ships, will be self-driving and commercially viable in the coming years.


The fifth generation of mobile networking technology is expected to make wireless networks more efficient, faster as well as more reliable, bringing various other advances ahead (e.g. the increased connectivity of devices and more rich stream of information).

Genomics and genes can be edited

The breakthroughs and the use of analytics greatly aided our understanding of Human genome. Now, we’re trying to change the genetic foundations of the organisms (for instance, fixing DNA mutations that could cause cancer).

Co-creation with machines and enhanced design

AI can help machines complete a range of jobs, such as the creation of designs and artwork. This means that we are likely to see a rise in human-machine cooperation in the design and creative processes.

The digital platforms as well as their usage

Digital platforms that allow users to share and connect data includes Instagram, Uber, and Airbnb among just a few. This trend is transforming existing organizational structures, requiring companies that have traditionally been able to move to or adopt the forum approach.

Improvements in Bot Detection

The protection of your website against account-bot sign-up fraud On the other hand isn’t easy. In the event that you complicate your sign-up process too complex it is possible to alienate authentic users, and possibly losing cash. Not taking action against fake accounts however could result in an erosion of respect and have other serious consequences.

We’ll explore the reasons that threats employ automated false profile attack and the way they work and how to stop bots from beginning to register, and the ways the bot-detection as well as mitigation system defends against 100% of DDoS threats that are automated, such as fake sign-up bots in this article.

UAVs (UAVs) also drones

These drones, which are able to operate by remote or autonomously has changed the manner in which military operations are carried out. However, drone technology is likely to affect the missions of search and rescue and firefighting as well as law enforcement, as well as transportation.

IT support on a face-to-face virtual basis

You might have noticed a brand new feature in eCommerce that’s been available since 2020 if have visited any of the vendors on the internet with face-to-face sales representatives.

Customers can click on an icon to have an official person appear on their screen, who will answer questions and guide them through the process, just like they do in an actual retail store.

As the world is becoming more digital, it’ll not be a surprise if the IT service becomes more involved in more face-to-face interactions.

Thanks to 5G’s storm wireless internet services It won’t take long before we can communicate (and solve IT support issues) in real-time from almost every corner of the globe.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing refers to a concept used to refer to the use of quantumor Quantum computers that can make the current state-of-the-art technologies appear like something from past Stone Age, with unbelievably powerful computers that can tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

Quantum computing research is mostly restricted to laboratories however the first commercially available quantum computer is likely to arrive in the next decade.

The robotic process can be automated.

The technology can automate routine corporate functions which frees up human employees to concentrate on more challenging tasks that add value. The technology is part an overall technology trend that is expected to be a major influence on all businesses.

Micro-moments and mass personalization

Mass personalization is the capability to provide highly customized products or services at a massive scale. Micro-moments, on one side, are about fulfilling the customer’s needs in the appropriate time.

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