How to improve the gaming performance on your phone?

We live in an age when mobile games are more and more relevant than ever. We even see how titles that were previously only intended for consoles, are making an appearance in the smartphone universe. We have already seen Phone House some great games for mobile with console graphics, but we will not always be able to move them with the desired ease.

It is normal that as these games grow in technical demand, some smartphones may have more problems than others to run smoothly. For this reason, we have wanted to put together a series of recommendations that will help you achieve a further performance bonus in this demanding game that is not going quite well.

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Activate Game Mode

It is something that we find more and more indifferent manufacturers and models. Terminals from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, etc … have Game Modes specially designed to be activated when we execute one. In this way, system resources are made available to performance and for that reason, we will play more fluidly. The first step, therefore, is to check if our mobile has a game mode as a performance enhancer and activate it before we start playing.

Close all background apps

This is not usually done, but it is ideal that before we start the game we close all the background processes. This will avoid consuming system resources with the applications running while we play. Even more important: it will prevent them from consuming network width that can harm us in online games. Therefore, before starting the game we will have to open the multitasking menu and close all the applications in the background.

Download Game Booster 4x app

In this case, you notice the loading time of your games is slow and not running as smoothly as it should, this may be one of the best solutions. The application has an AI-based algorithm that optimizes all system resources to boost graphics, performance, and many other aspects in the most demanding games on the market.

Modify game graphics

A few years ago this was unthinkable. That is, all mobiles could move the games that were developed for mobiles. Now they are mini-consoles and it is not like that anymore. Therefore, most of the most powerful and popular games on the market such as Fortnite, PUBG, Asphalt, or Call of Duty: Mobile, have their own settings to modify the quality of the graphics. If we do, we can adapt this quality to the hardware of our mobile and obtain better performance in these and other games.

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