WhatsApp will allow you to hide from some of your contacts

WhatsApp will allow you to hide from some of your contacts
WhatsApp will allow you to hide from some of your contacts

It’s an open secret that Facebook is working on one of the biggest WhatsApp updates. And now we just found out about an upcoming feature that you are going to love and that will allow you to hide from some of your contacts.
As we told you, we have been seeing the next news for a long time that will arrive very soon on the well-known instant messaging platform. For example, the version of WhatsApp for iPad is just around the corner. We also know that the application will allow you to listen to your voice messages before sending them. Even its future reaction system gives the chat a different touch. And very soon WhatsApp will also let you choose which of your contacts can access your personal information.

How this new WhatsApp privacy option will work

Until now, within the privacy options of WhatsApp, we could choose between Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody. For example, an option that allowed anyone to see your profile photo, only the people you have added to your agenda, or choose that no one can see the image. Well, very soon there will be a new option called “My contacts, except”.
As you can imagine, this new option will allow us to choose who can see your last connection time, your profile photo, or your information. With this, you can hide from certain contacts without having to delete them from your contact list.
And the truth is that it is a function that can be extremely useful in all kinds of situations. For example, you may have work contacts in your address book, but you don’t want them to know anything about your private life. You will only have to limit the information without having to delete them from the contact list. Note that the source of the leak has discovered that, if you block seeing the last connection for a specific contact, you will not have access to the information either. And we can assume that the exact same thing will happen with the profile photo or WhatsApp status.
This new function, which has been discovered by WaBetaInfo colleagues, will significantly improve our privacy when sharing all kinds of data through this service. Although it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience, since, in all probability, this new privacy function will land at first in the beta version of the well-known instant messaging application before reaching the final version of WhatsApp.

Finishing up

In any case, it is excellent news that the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is putting the finishing touches on one of the great WhatsApp updates so that its successful application is more useful than ever.

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