Whatsapp Surveys: A new addition to the app?

Whatsapp Surveys: A new addition to the app?

We have seen for many months how WhatsApp is preparing some important news. One of those novelties is to react to messages, which should be about to arrive. Yet another such feature is the ability to conduct surveys. Until now we had not seen how the app plans to carry it out, but thanks to the WabetaInfo medium, we can see the first image of what the WhatsApp surveys will be like.

WhatsApp groups are usually made up of family, friends, or co-workers. In any case, on many occasions, the consensus on something, in particular, is planned. Whether it’s setting a date for a meal or an event, an opinion on a movie, or anything else, it could all be done faster with a simple survey. Today, it can be done with a third-party app or website, but not natively in WhatsApp.

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The surveys about to reach WhatsApp

As we say, Wabetainfo is once again the medium that has had access to the first image of how they will paint the surveys on WhatsApp. The system seems to be very simple: a survey is created with up to six answer options. The user can mark one and click on vote. What we don’t know for now are the specific poll customization options, such as preventing voting for more than one option or limiting the creation of polls to group administrators.

The feature is still under development in the iOS beta, so creating and sending surveys is not yet possible. The source assures that it is not too close to being a reality in the short term. Apparently, WhatsApp still needs to improve the polls before launching the feature, and this takes time. The feature is also under development in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

The normal thing is that it can be tested first in these beta versions and if everything goes well, it ends up being implemented in all the stable versions of WhatsApp. Only the platform knows and manages the times to know when this will happen. Let’s remember that there are a lot of new features that have been cooking for a long time and that they will land sooner or later.

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