WhatsApp brings more news to voice memos 2022

WhatsApp brings more news to voice memos 2022

WhatsApp for Android beta 2 has the feature to record voice notes. This function was already available in Desktop and iOS versions.

WhatsApp beta has a new feature that allows users to control voice memos. Users can pause and resume audio as they are being recorded.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. It has grown exponentially since its inception in 2009. Today, it boasts more than 2 billion users around the world.

The company continues to develop and test new features for the app. It is now a messaging app that can host video calls, share documents, and send voice notes.

WhatsApp keeps adding new features to voice notes. The messaging app is currently working on the possibility to pause and resume recording a voice note. This function, which allows you to record multiple messages in one shot, is available in beta.

In recent months, the voice memo recorder has seen improvements. Europa Press introduced prelistening in December. This function allows users to check that their message isn’t containing errors before they send it.

It allows the user to stop the recording and listen to a particular part of it. You can click the trash button to delete the recording. If you feel it is okay, hit the send button.

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This feature is available in WhatsApp Android beta, since the company has already extended this tool to WhatsApp Desktop versions and WhatsApp iOS versions. Android users will need to wait for the feature to pause or resume audio recordings. This will be made available in the beta version of WhatsApp Android It is currently being tested and will become available to all users within the next few weeks.

As per the Android WhatsApp beta version v2.22.6.7, the two options available after the recording has been stopped (send and delete) will be extended with the option to pause it.

The pausing feature was previously seen in the WhatsApp iOS and Desktop betas. It allows the user to stop recording and then resume it at any point. This is a big difference from the other options. This allows you to save time by not having to record multiple voice messages .

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