What Technology experts Predict cybersecurity In 2023

What Technology experts Predict cybersecurity In 2023
What Technology experts Predict cybersecurity In 2023

Although the threat landscape can sometimes seem grim, it is also driving more collaboration between vendors. security experts are recommending this in their 2023 cybersecurity predictions.

A small collection of reports is usually included at the end of each year with predictions for the next year. These reports are less valuable than the predictions. Given the interconnected nature of the world, it is impossible to predict the future.

Since Jules Verne, society has predicted the technology of tomorrow. Remember the Jetsons? According to the Jetsons’ predictions, we should all be flying cars to work and using fully automated robot maid services. Cybersecurity is the other issue.

The analyst predicted that there would be cross-industry collaboration to tackle new threats, increased data-driven intelligence, an increase in ransomware attacks, and new extortion methods.

Data-driven intelligence key

Geopolitical turmoil continues and hackers continue to find new ways to exploit it. In 2023, I expect to hear more about ransomware and deepfake video.

Two initiatives would be suggested by us: First, make sure security software is properly integrated with a single console. This will allow for less vulnerability and more automation. This could also mean consolidating vendors. The human aspect of the problem must be addressed. Invest in training staff to recognize potential threats.

To get the pulse on the ransomware threat, all you have to do is search for it in the news every day. Ransomware attacks can be either opportunistic or targeted at someone or something.

Ransomware hackers almost always engage in double extortion. This means that they steal data before encryption. There are many advantages to corrupting data over trying to encrypt it. Ransomware operators can be in a much stronger position if the data is corrupted. Then the company must pay up or lose it. Backup of critical business data is crucial and more important than ever.

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Software supply chain threats will remain a major concern in 2023.

Software supply chain threats will remain a major concern in 2023. We will see fewer sophisticated attacks such as SolarWinds, and more attacks such as those targeting Log4J and Spring4Shell, which are widely used across code and production. These attacks can have an even greater impact on entire markets, causing havoc for companies.

Further increases in worker mobility

These past years have seen a shift in the work model for knowledge workers. There will be several shifts in 2023 that will increase the hybrid work anywhere (and thus, protect everywhere) trend. Next year will see widespread adoption of 5G-capable devices. Juniper Research estimates that 600 million more 5G connections will be added by 2023. Demographic trends such as “productivity paranoia” will also be influencing the future. Workers want to prove they are productive no matter where they may be. What does this mean to CISOs This means that new working styles, networks, and devices can lead to new attack vectors. Protect your workers working remotely in 2023.

Linux is not immune?

Although Linux has never been considered a zero threat by serious security professionals, it has historically enjoyed reduced targeting due to purpose-built systems and community-built standards that have greatly exempted the operating system from widespread threats. Linux is a great example of how nothing good can ever last forever. This one will come sooner or later.

Edge developers embrace open standards, frameworks, and design.

Platforms that do not allow developers to create apps will make it difficult for them to port their apps. They may also decide to raise prices or make significant changes. Companies that carefully plan their budgets cannot accept vendor lock-in. In 2023, there will be a strong emphasis on ensuring edge web apps are built on open standards and frameworks. This will drive interest in WebAssembly and Jamstack as well as other technologies that are not tied to any particular provider. These technologies allow developers to build apps on multiple platforms to maximize cost and performance.

Cybersecurity will be made more effective by the cloud

2022 was a new era in cybersecurity. It was the age of hybrid war, when Russia launched an enormous cyberattack on Ukraine just hours before missiles were launched. Looking ahead to 2023

The cloud offers the greatest physical and logical cybersecurity against attacks. This is the key lesson of 2022. After proving its worth in Ukraine, governments will increasingly move to the cloud. They will also benefit from innovations that extend AI capabilities to strengthen cloud cybersecurity.

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