The browser with the most vulnerabilities in 2022 is Google Chrome

Atlas VPN has just published a study on web browsers based on the vulnerability database VulDB. The result is that Google Chrome leads by far the ranking of browsers with the highest number of vulnerabilities. VulDB found 303 of them in 2022.

Keep in mind that the fact that more vulnerabilities are discovered in a browser does not mean that it is more insecure. In fact, discovering bugs is an advantage rather than a problem, because it allows them to be patched in the next update. On the other hand, it is quite normal for hackers to focus on Chrome when it is the most used, with 77.03% of the total users according to Kinsta.

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Chrome is the only browser where security issues have been discovered so far in October. The figure is considerably high considering that it has risen 61% compared to last year. The second in the number of vulnerabilities is Mozilla Firefox, with 117 discovered so far in 2022. Microsoft Edge has 103 security problems in the same period. The best stop on the list is still Safari, with 26 vulnerabilities detected this year. Opera hasn’t had a single one this year.

The figures are somewhat different when we talk about the total number of vulnerabilities discovered since the start of each application. Chrome has a total of 3,159 vulnerabilities discovered throughout its history. Firefox follows with 2,361, and Safari with just 1,139. Microsoft Edge has had 806 problems throughout its history, and Opera 344.

The Atlas data corresponds to the period between January 1 and October 5 of this year, so there is still time for the figures to change, although, given the volume of Chrome, it is difficult for it to lose the first position.

Another important nuance is that both Opera and Edge use the Chromium browser engine, so some of the vulnerabilities found in the Chrome code could be extended to the other two. Com always, the best remedy against these security problems is to update the browser to the latest version, which right now in Chrome is 106.0.5249.61. 

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