Instagram will have parental control functions from 2022

Instagram will have parental control functions from 2022
Instagram to have parental control features from 2022

Instagram has announced that they are working on new functions dedicated to the safety of its users, especially that of the youngest, adolescents who use the social network, remembering that the minimum age required to register is 13 years old.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, explained in a video what were the next 3 steps that the company will take in terms of security, both for teenagers and for all its users. The first is the launch of the “take a break” feature, which reminds teens and other users that they may have been on the social network for too long, and invites them to take a break. This feature was announced in October, but from today it begins to be available in the first territories: the United States, Canada, and Australia. In addition, users will be able to set reminders to warn themselves when they have spent a long time on the platform.

The second announcement is the arrival of functions for parental control. According to Mosseri, this will allow parents to know exactly how much time their teenagers spend within the social network, and configure limits for daily use (in the video you can see options that go from 30 minutes to 3 hours), in addition, It allows parents to know if their children have reported users for any reason, and who those users are. The idea, according to the person in charge of the platform, is that this is an agreement between parents and teenage children.

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Parental control will allow parents to know how much time a teenager spends on the social network, among other things. It will arrive in early 2022. Parental control features will begin to arrive in March 2022.

Finally, Instagram is working on a new section of the social network that will show all our activity on the platform, including the “likes” and comments we have received, the time we have spent in the app each day, and the changes we have made in our profile, in addition to allowing to delete images, videos or comments in batches if we wish. All this, to give users greater control of their activity on the platform. For now, this new section called “Your activity” has no release date. 

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