How to use Google Meet?

In a short period, Google Meet has grown to become one of the most popular alternatives for video conferences. Because of the policies for working from home and live classes online, the service is used by millions of users daily.

Formerly known as “Hangouts Meet,” it has continuously enhanced and expanded its features so that it can compete against other well-known video conferencing services like Zoom. It currently offers a variety of useful features including large-scale group call live captions, customized video backgrounds, etc.

These enhancements, together with the popularity associated with Google, and the popularity of the “Google” name have allowed the Zoom-clone to become an incredibly popular conferencing tool. Apart from individuals, it offers services to whole businesses by providing solutions specifically tailored to their requirements.

While the video calling service is free, there is an option to pay for users seeking “advanced” features. These features include more and longer video calls as well as polls, video session recordings, and many more.

If you’re planning to test using Google Meet, then follow the directions below. Make sure that you’ve created or logged into the Google account.

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How do I create a video Conference Session on Google Meet?

On Desktops and Laptops:

  1. Log into your Google account.

2. Click on the menu button (next to your profile picture) and select Meet, or go to “”.

3. Click on “New Meeting” and choose to start your session right away or schedule it for later or put it on the calendar on your Google Calendar.

4. Clicking “Create an appointment for later” will provide you with an invitation to the session which you can save for later. Alternatively, clicking upon “Start the meeting immediately” will open the session and provide you with the link to share. The third option can help you add any current Google Meet event to Google Calendar.

5. After you have visited the site, you must grant the microphone and camera access as requested. The video and audio feed will be streamed to others in the room.

6. Make use of the controls on the junction to control your session. The two buttons to the left allow you to turn off or on your camera or microphone. The middle button allows you to show the contents of your screen. A three-dot button lets users access Options. The red button allows you to end the video chat.

 On Mobile:

  1. Launch the Meet application and sign in using your Google account.

2. Continue from step 3 through Step 5 as described in the previous section. There will be a shareable link that you can share with anyone else who would like to join in the discussion.

3. Make use of the controls on the bottom of the screen to send an event (red button) and enable or disable access to your camera or microphone (camera and mic icons) and then click options (three dots). Two buttons on the top right switch between your phone’s cameras and allow or disallow audio from the speaker.

How do I Join a Video Conference Session on Google Meet?

On Laptops/Desktops:

  1. Begin by following step 1, and then Step 2 from the section before.

2. Input the invite code into the field that is next to the “New Meeting” and click”Join. “Join” link.

3. Simply click on “Join today” and join in the chat or click “Present” Follow the instructions on the screen to share your screen’s content.

4. Grant both the camera well as microphone permissions when asked.

5. Check out step 6 in the preceding section to gain an understanding of the user’s controls.

On Mobile:

  1. Start your Meet app and sign in to the app using your Google account.

2. Click on “Join by entering a code.”

3. Enter the code, then tap the button “Join.” When you’d like to share your screen’s content immediately, choose “Share Screen” as well as follow on-screen directions.

So these were the fundamentals of Google Meet. Now you can start or join a session using Google’s popular video conference platform. Hope this article cleared all your doubts about how to use Google Meet.

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