How to save your phone if you dropped it in water

How to save your phone if you dropped it in water

We tell you what you should and should not do, even if it is constantly said if your “smartphone” is in trouble due to contact with liquids.

There are many situations in which a “smartphone” can end up submerged in water to the despair of its electronics. On the beach, which is extra dangerous for the mobile due to the salt in the seawater, swimming pools, and bathtub, it is never harmless for the terminal

Although more and more “smartphones” have IP certification that gives them a certain degree of protection against liquids, this is not complete and is conditioned by the time the device remains submerged or the depth. If Apple, whose terminals have an IP 68 certification (maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes), recommends not immersing them in liquids of any kind, it must be for a reason.

According to a study echoed by The Conversation, a circumstance of this type, which 25% of smartphone users have suffered has generated countless guides on how to proceed when a “smartphone” falls into water or other liquids.

Rice is usually the protagonist of the recovery method due to its ability to absorb moisture, although its effectiveness is also disputed and is sometimes considered a false myth. It’s the most readily available drying agent in most homes, but that doesn’t make it the best choice.

On different methods of drying a terminal compared the effectiveness of rice, silica gel, kitty litter, oatmeal, and couscous in absorbing water from a sponge.

 The rice absorbed the least amount of water in 24 hours, while none of these drying agents was more effective than simply leaving the sponge in the open air.

Another study conducted by DTJ Consulting reached a similar conclusion: a moist device left to dry in the open air for 48 hours reduces its humidity by 14.7%, while the same device submerged in a rice container does so by a 13.1%.

If rice is not the best option, how to proceed with a “smartphone” that has been submerged in liquid? These are the steps you must follow:

  • Immediately turn off the terminal to avoid short circuits in the electronics. Please do not do it through the menu but with the off button to make it faster.
  • If the mobile is waterproof, both Apple and Samsung recommend immersing it in water to rinse it but not running it under a tap.
  • Dry the phone with a soft cloth or paper towels.
  • Remove everything: tray for the sim, sim, memory card, and battery if it is an old mobile.
  • Shake it to expel water from places like the charging connector, but not too hard. That could spread the liquid inside.
  • Use a compressed air sprayer to expel the water if you have one. You can also put it to dry in front of a fan, but you should never use a hot air dryer because it can damage the electronics. If the terminal has fallen into saltwater, it is recommended to clean it with isopropyl alcohol, which helps to remove traces of salt.
  • If you can, leave it outdoors. Alternatively, you can leave it in a container with a drying agent like silica gel.
  • Please do not turn on the mobile again or put it on charge until you are sure it is scorched. A period of 48 hours is generally recommended.
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