How do you track an IP and find out data about it?

How do you track an IP and find out data about it?
How do you track an IP and find out data about it

Is it possible to trace an IP ? To what extent does it reveal your physical location? How to prevent your IP from being tracked? If you want to know more, we invite you to continue reading this article.

How much does the IP of your physical address reveal?

The IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique address that is assigned to every device connected to the Internet, including computers or mobile devices. These addresses are easily accessible to users in different databases that exist on the network.

An IP consists of 4 digits separated by periods that can range from to In principle, these numbers may not say anything, but they actually offer a lot of information about the location of the equipment.

It should be noted that the IP address indicates the location of the internet provider that you have contracted. Therefore, it is not able to decipher the exact location of a device. Instead, it will show the postal address of your internet provider.

  • * For example, imagine that you live in a small town and that your Internet provider has assigned you an IP that has its postal address in the capital of your province. Well, when tracking the IP, the address of your internet provider in the capital will be shown, and not that of the town where you live.

Normally, IP tracking programs or web pages do not give specific addresses or do not even guess the street or town where the device is located. However, in the world of the internet, the simple fact of knowing from which country, province or city you are connecting can be very valuable information.

How can a computer be located through its IP?

There are several ways to know the IP address of a computer, for example simply entering the Whatsmyip website. However, if you want to locate the IP of a computer , you will have to use specific tools.

Tools to track an IP or several at the same time

There are many programs and tools on the internet with which you can track an IP address . Here are some of the ones that work best.

It is a tool with which the IP can be tracked to know its geolocation or the provider to which it belongs. But also, on this website you have many more options to analyze IPs, for example ping tools, traceroute, the possibility of discovering IPs or even track the emails received until they reach their first sender.


A tool similar to the previous one, but in this case it is much easier to use. Its operation is very basic. Simply enter an IP address on the web and it will automatically show you all the information available about it.

Apart from this, if you click on any of the results, you will get even more additional information. For example, if you click on the section where the server is indicated, you could access extra information about it.

Arul John’s Utiities

Another alternative to track an IP is Arul John’s Utilities. Again, it works similar to the previous tool. You must enter the IP address and it will show you data such as the host, ISP, country of origin and even a map with its location.


No, it is not the malevolent artificial intelligence from the legendary game System Shock 2, but it probably got its name from there and it also follows all your footsteps. In this case, it is a more complex tool than the previous ones, capable of making a more exhaustive analysis of systems, networks or devices based on their IP address.

How can we prevent them from locating our desktop?

Now that you know how to track an IP, we go to the opposite extreme. You may not want others to know from which IP you are connected. In this case, you also have options to camouflage or hide it.

Web proxy

The simplest option to hide an IP is to connect to the internet through a proxy . This is especially useful for specific moments when you don’t want anyone to know the websites you are visiting.

Through this method, a server is used that acts as an intermediary between your connection and the network. These servers are usually hosted in very different places than your real IP. For example, if you connect through a proxy, when they crawl your website they will see that the IP comes from the United States or from any other country (it depends on where the proxy is hosted).

VPN or virtual private network

virtual private network not only hides the IP address, but also allows you to work in a virtual environment that hides all kinds of actions on the Internet from sending emails to browsing the Internet, going through P2P networks, etc.

Another point in favor of virtual networks is that they encrypt all information, so that no one can track your computer or spy on what you do on the internet. Here and check out the top VPN providers listed by security specialists


The Tor browser is known to be the one that users use to connect to the so-called Deep Web or deep internet. In reality, it is a routing network that works through an anonymization system , which allows you to hide your movements on the internet

Can the IP of a mobile be traced the same as that of a PC?

Two methods can be used to find out the IP address of a mobile phone . On the one hand, entering whatsmyip, whatip or similar pages. There are many websites of this type on the internet and they all usually show the correct IP. In any case, to be sure, you can check several to verify that the IP matches.

Another method to know the IP of a mobile is from the settings of the device itself. Many current mobile phones have information about the device in its “Settings”, “Help” or “Options” section, including its IP address.

Now, if you want to track a mobile IP you must use some specific tools. Logically, for this you first have to know the IP you want to track. Among the most recommended options is You do not need to use it from your mobile phone, you can do it through the computer.

How to track a Facebook IP?

Did you know that you can track a Facebook IP ? One of the options for this is to do it through the Microsoft Windows MS-DOS commands. To do this you have to follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Windows “Start” button, type the command “cmd” and press “Enter.” This will open MS-DOS for you.
  • In MS-DOS, type “Tracert IP” on the command line, replacing IP with the IP address you received from Facebook. Press «Enter» and you will be shown the information about said IP as a list.

With this we come to the end of this article. Remember that IP tracking does not offer very specific information or the exact location of the equipment, but it does offer data that can be very useful  or even dangerous for cybersecurity if it falls into the wrong hands.

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