Six Trends In Cyber Security In 2020

Six Trends In Cyber Security In 2020
six trends in cyber security in 2020

Six Trends In Cyber Security In 2020-In recent years, both cybercriminals and cybersecurity have Been growing by leaps and bounds. We have gone from a time when cybersecurity problems used to be comparable, and they did not have significant changes, to a time in which threats are continually evolving in several various ways, although they were upgraded. This scenario Won’t change during the next year, and based on the evolution that cybersecurity has had during 2019 along with the forecasts of technological advancement for 2020, we show you the trends that we can expect in the field of cybersecurity for 2020:

Increased phishing attacks, but more concentrated and combined With artificial intelligence

In 2019, offensively’s rise implemented artificial Intelligence in cyber-attacks has made criminals investigate their chances more and more, allowing them to automatically create content that is tricky to differentiate from the real one, which could automate the generation of phishing a manner that was far more effective.

It is that firms must make the jump and Use innovative anti-phishing tools to detect and block them when they chance to stop their customers from being affected by these frauds.

Along with common phishing, deepfakes Are Climbing Their quality at a dizzying rate, as we revealed in our demonstration throughout Letting by copying the to impersonate another individual’s identity Facial features 2019 in which AI is used to mimic the voice of the CEO of a Business in a telephone and steal considerable amounts of money.

Improved targeted ransomware attacks

Attacks are proving rewarding for Cybercriminals since they are paying the ransoms they request, which then will lead to an increase in ransom requirements by Investors in 2020.

From being launched Throughout 2019 attacks have now gone In a massive way to being attacks concentrated on entities that can’t operate if their systems have been obstructed and the blockade’s harm is very large, where attackers collect information and study each situation that is specific to improve the prospect of assault successful.

It Isn’t enough to employ, to detect This Kind of attack A very simple antivirus, because now there is malware ready to evade traditional antivirus, to detect and prevent this type of attack it is essential to have advanced protection from malware which is not just established in malware signatures, but also analyze behaviors to detect new types of attacks.

Data exposed in the cloud due to bad configuration

According to Forbes, 83% of workloads will be transferred to the cloud by 2020, which isn’t a problem in itself that providers offer is in protected environments that are principle. According to Gartner, 95 percent of security problems in the cloud are thanks to customer failures like a poor configuration, not having applied security patches, etc.

That the cloud is safe shouldn’t lead us to believe that people Are safe in any circumstance, no matter how the provider makes the cloud, even if mistakes are made by the client, cybercriminals can take advantage of them access their information and to violate the environment.

Their cybersecurity team Integra

tes the cloud to treat it, and secondly to affix the cloud more business environment and detect attacks and the problems that happen quickly in this.

The upward tendency of cyberattacks against crucial Infrastructure and public services proceeds

Service firms and infrastructure are Receiving more and more attacks due to the harm they could do, since a reduction in the service may have great consequences for the population and in many cases, they use old technologies and vulnerable to cyber attacks, since upgrading it to solve these vulnerabilities would pose a possibility of service interruption.

Because of the difficulty of keeping in this The amount of cyber and also Kind of infrastructure attacks they receive, the Finest alternative for this type of organization is to get a SOC (Security Operations Center) where their cybersecurity is managed directly 24 Hours a day. To detect and react to any event.

  Mobile malware grows against banks

Mobile malware, in general, has risen in the last year, but In this, malware for mobile banking has developed which may steal credentials, your payment information, and account funds.

This type of malware does not affect the bank’s Program but is still in another of that software downloaded from the consumer, which is even capable of hiding or showing itself as if it were another application and enrolls the information entered from the banking and also the second factor of authentication.

Although customers must shield themselves Problem by carefully assessing what they put in on their phone and avoiding downloading from suspicious sites, banks may take steps against this problem, because there are cybersecurity systems capable of integrating in the same bank software they examine the rest of the software and if they detect malware, they perform actions such as advising the user and the bank, blocking specific types of operations, or perhaps blocking access to cellular banking until the problem is resolved.

Increased Utilization of artificial intelligence to Shield

 Intelligence has brought great Advantages to Defending as detection of anomalies that could be discovered, detection that is faster, or more effective scanning, but its potential hasn’t gone unnoticed.

 Artificial intelligence is starting to be utilized To damage the business, in addition to other uses that are being given to it offensively to avoid the organization’s defenses, improving and adapting itself.

 Because of the rate that artificial that is offensive Intelligence has and the number of attacks, it can create that escape logic that is human, there’s only one solution to combat it, which specialists also use artificial intelligence on the side.Although this may seem distant, it is a situation that’s Occurring and we use artificial intelligence to protect Our clientele.

Bottom Line

our employees have a duty. Ensure they know their function and any policies and processes, and give them training and cybersecurity awareness. Read about insider risks in cybersecurity.



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