Free Tools To Search For Keywords And Improve SEO

Free Tools To Search For Keywords And Improve SEO
Free Tools To Search For Keywords And Improve SEO

They are talked about day and night but it is seldom explained how to manage or obtain them efficiently. The keywords are the most critical element of any SEO strategy and not always invest enough time and effort into them.

The long-tails the short-tails, the tracking, the keyword research, the backlink; everything influences when positioning a web page or any other entry in Google and the rest of Internet search engines.

Finding the correct term (s) for a publication is the difference between success and failure. And, as Ahrefs points out, only 0.16% of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60.67% of all searches.

Although it is not software created for the search of keywords per se, its simplicity and ease of use have made it one of the most popular and sought-after SEO resources on the web. Google Trends offers you what you are looking for if that is not very specific or detailed.

That is, you will be able to know what the search engine trends are, applying all kinds of temporal and geographical filters, but without specific details of the keyword used; no statistics, no percentages, no additional information.

Simply access the official website for free, enter the keyword that interests you, and select the desired date and region or country filters. Google Trends also allows you to compare several keywords, to facilitate the segmentation of the SEO strategy.

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Keyword Tool

This tool is still pretty basic when it comes to possibilities, but it is incredibly useful when it comes to finding the best long-tail for your action or publication. Wherever Trends fails, the Keyword Tool is right.

It does so by offering a solution — in a basic way — for free, which is based on the well-known Google Autocomplete; the company’s algorithm that generates predictions when entering terms in the search bar.

Now, Keyword Tool takes this limited tool as a base and adds value to it by turning it into a specific solution for the identification of keywords. This shows the results by block and is compatible with the main social platforms.

Youtube, Bing, App Store, Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, Play Store. The software offers long-tail options suggesting prefixes, suffixes, and interfixes with the aforementioned Google technology.

It can be used without creating an account, accessing more than 750 results. To enjoy all the possibilities of the Keyword Tool it is necessary to pay.

Keyword Surfer

It offers almost everything that is needed in a keyword research process but without the need to go to a specific website or download a regular download. Keyword Surfer is the ideal solution condensed into a simple Google Chrome extension.

“Write your target phrase and press ‘enter’, and discover search volumes, keyword suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and data on the page,” collects the official site.

The tool is completely free and has no restrictions for attached payment models. ” Based on that you can find the best keywords, determine its difficulty and plan your content. There is no need to buy any expensive tools. “

In practice, Surfer is identical to Keyword Everywhere, with the difference that it is free, and that it extends its compatibility to 70 countries.

Keyword Planner

The star of Google is the Keyword Planner ( Keyword Planner Tool ), a tool that is specific to search for keywords, and that is associated with the guarantees and the usual quality of all products of the company.

Unlike other options, this software approaches keyword research not from a tactical approach, but from a more holistic perspective that outlines the entire path of SEO planning.

Thus, you will get the resources you want whether you are building an SEO strategy or if you have opted for an SEM plan. Obtain information related to long-tails but also to the CPC. The Planner is, therefore, one of the most complete alternatives on the web.

The most interesting thing about this one, however, is its ins and outs. Contrary to its competitors, the tool does not operate with autocompletion, but with a much more subtle algorithm that groups keywords according to themes or search context.

All you have to do is access the official website, enter some basic personal information, and start enjoying it completely free of charge.

Keyword Suggestion

In addition to offering the basic information of any keyword research, the Small SEO Tools tool goes one step further and automatically performs almost all the optimization work of the strategy.

Offers suggestions, long – tails, metrics, and proposed titles and grammatical structures to take full advantage of the selected keywords. It even allows you to enter the URL of a website to know how the keyword would work in certain contexts.

Keyword Suggestion is also completely free and can be complemented with other solutions from the company in charge of its maintenance and development. You can start using it simply by entering your website.

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