Best ways to manage a backup before the holidays

Best ways to manage a backup before the holidays
Best ways to manage a backup before the holidays

A backup ( backup ) is a duplicate of the data that is made to recover any loss or incident. Therefore, backup copies are a very important part of the IT security of the company, since without them a company could be left without its data. For this reason, the ISO 27001 standard, for computer and information security, requires that backups be made regularly, that they are verified to be correct and restorable.

Backups are made of data servers and data files from systems content management, databases, CRM systems, ERP systems, document management systems, etc. That is, you can make backup copies of any program that contains company data.

However, you don’t need to save absolutely everything either. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a good backup strategy. In this way, a company avoids storing erroneous data or duplications. Also, backups take up a lot of space. That means the more data a company stores, the higher the cost of storing backups.

We are in the middle of summer and that means a certain madness in many companies, with comings and goings-on vacations and with colleagues who cover others in their tasks. This requires a good organization since otherwise, the consequences can be very negative both for the company, for the partner who covers you, and for you who are on vacation. Making a good vacation backup is vital so that everything goes smoothly during our rest.

We must remember that our vacations are well deserved and we should be able to disconnect from work until the day of our return. However, it is very difficult to achieve it for many people and that often depends on doing our homework, when we know that a colleague is going to cover us during those days of rest.

The so-called vacation backup can be defined as that previous work that leaves everything ready during our absence on vacation. It is important to us, as it will minimize the risk of receiving business calls during the holidays. 

It is also a relief for the partner who is going to cover us since they will have everything they need to perform the tasks correctly and we will minimize their risk of suffering stress and unnecessary pressure. 

Finally, it is the company that will appreciate this prior organization in order for the entire chain to continue to function properly. For that reason, we are going to take a look at the most important tips that we must take into account to prepare our backup before the holidays.

The days before the holidays

It is important that we dedicate the days before the holidays to try to leave the closest tasks in time-resolved. In addition, within this work, it may be important to leave a written document with all the instructions, passwords, and guidelines that we consider important for our colleagues to take into account, and have a guide from which to pull.

The importance of backups

Backups are more than important. Make a backup of our corporate mail and documents can be vital in case something goes wrong in our absence. If our company has an IT manager, we can organize it with him. This task is even more accentuated if our work team, that is, our computer, is going to be used by the colleague who will cover us.

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Automatic reply in email

It may seem trivial but it is very important. Setting up an automatic absence reply in the mail is a way of informing other co-workers and clients that we are on vacation. In this way, we avoid several negative points, among them that they can call us on the mobile when they do not answer the mailWe will also avoid possible anger from those contacts who may believe that we are not answering their emails for another reason.

Among the data to highlight in this absence email, our day of return should be highlighted as well as the email (and telephone number if applicable) of the colleague who is replacing us.

Summary of pending

Many of our tasks may be half done before we leave and we will be able to resume them when we return. That is why it is important to make a list of the status of all of them. In this way, when we return we can connect quickly and get back on the job more easily.

Disconnect and enjoy

If we comply with all of the above, we may be able to forget work during our vacations. It is the ideal and what we must do to return with the necessary energy. Be it a week, a fortnight, even more, or fewer days, it will always be vital that the vacation backup is perfectly ready.

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