Windows 10: 9 Tricks to Make the Most Out Of Your PC

Windows 10: 9 Tricks to Make the Most Out Of Your PC
9 Tricks to Make the Most Out Of Your PC

Windows 10 is a complete operating system, but many tools and options are often hidden to simplify the user experience. With these tricks, you will learn to get the most out of your PC when working, playing, or simply communicating with others.

You can use Game Mode While Playing

Windows 10 comes prepared to adapt to various scenarios and situations, one of which is using the PC as a gaming machine. Suppose you are going to play on a PC. In that case, there is a particular mode of operation in which the system dedicates more resources to the running title to achieve better performance, especially on machines not equipped to play with the maximum level of detail or resolution.

Do not expect miracles, this mode is not a substitute for suitable hardware, but it can help us get the most out of the computer’s performance. The first thing we have to find out is if the PC is compatible with this model. The settings > Games menu has an option on the left bar that reads “Game Mode.” Windows used to allow this mode to be activated in Settings, but now it only tells us if the PC can work with it actively. If so, you must press the Windows + G keys to activate it while we are playing.

Save Disk Space with Storage Sense

There is nothing more annoying than a computer with low hard drive space. When only a few gigabytes are available, the entire performance of the system can be affected, and although many PCs allow you to expand the SSD or HDD, it is not always practical to do so.

Windows includes a tool. However, that can help us better optimize the available space. It’s called Storage Sense, and it can help us periodically delete the contents of the recycle bin or temporary files created by the system that will not use again.

To activate it, go to the settings> System> Storage menu and select the corresponding option. The advanced configuration menu will also help us to specify the periodicity of the deletion or the type of files it affects.

Print As PDF

Creating a PDF document from a web page is very easy, and there is no need to use strange extensions or specialized software. Windows 10 has a virtual printer capable of doing this quickly and effectively.

To select it, click on the Print button of any application from which we want to do it. Windows will display the print screen with the different format options. In the printer selection section, we will only have to select Microsoft Print to PDF and press accept to create the final file.

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How to Enable God Mode?

The “god mode” is a menu of access to all possible system configurations arranged in list form. It is a little-known and somewhat esoteric option to activate, but it comes in handy to modify things on the computer that otherwise require many steps or are semi-hidden.

To activate god mode, create a folder on the desktop and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. (Any other name can replace the GodMode at the beginning.) On purser return, the folder will turn into an icon giving access to the advanced configuration tool. Install this icon on the toolbar or any other location where it is easily accessible.

Remove Bloatware from Your Pc

Unless we buy a Surface computer -manufactured by Microsoft- it is likely that the default installation of Windows comes loaded with third-party tools and programs decided by the manufacturer, either because it considers them useful or because of commercial agreements with these companies.

Honestly, they are a nuisance. Many require services to be registered or run at system startup and remain in memory without offering benefits.

There is an easy way to get a “clean” Windows update, although you should take these steps right after you buy the computer.

In the Settings menu, go to Update & Security and select Reset this PC. Windows will install the base copy of the operating system with no software add-ons. It takes a while, but the result is worth it.

Take Space Away from Cortana

By default, Microsoft reserves a significant portion of the launch bar for Cortana‘s virtual assistant and her search field. If we don’t often use this wizard, it’s wasted space in a very convenient location. In Windows 10, removing the search field and leaving just a more discreet Cortana button or removing the feature altogether is possible.

To do so, right-click on the search field. Go to the Cortana option, and you will have the different options available.

Share Your File With One Drive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage space, similar to Dropbox, integrated by default with the file explorer in Windows 10.

This has many advantages, and one of them is that it is much easier to share documents with third parties without having to send them in a Zip file or using a service like WeTransfer.

Copy the file to one of the OneDrive folders in the quick access panel on the left of the window in File Explorer. Right-click on the file and select Share a OneDrive Link. Will copy a web address to the clipboard that you can send to whoever needs access.

In More OneDrive sharing options, you can indicate the different access permissions to the files.

Download Maps To View Offline

Windows 10 includes a handy Maps app for driving directions and routes. If we are going to travel with a PC, it is possible to download the maps to be able to consult them when we do not have a connection.

To do so, click on the Settings menu (the gear icon) in the application window, and choose the Download or Update Maps option. And select Download Maps. The copy of the selected area will be saved locally on the hard drive and can be consulted at any time.

Communicate With Emoji

We cannot escape emojis, so it is best to accept that they are already part of the natural way of communicating in messaging applications and emails. Windows has support for Emojis, just like any other device, and the best way to access them is to use the virtual keyboard.

To always have them at hand, create a keyboard shortcut in the toolbar. Right-click on it, select the Show touch keyboard button, and you will have a new icon to invoke the virtual keyboard that includes an emoji button with a wide selection.

Another good shortcut: simultaneously press the Windows key and. or Windows +.

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