What is a Backend Development? What are its uses?

What is a Backend Development? What are its uses?
What is a Backend Development what are its uses

Websites can be described as an iceberg. One visible portion is the interface (Frontend), while another is invisible. This is the mysterious and mysterious “Backend”.

This invisible part is responsible for the internal operations of web applications that are built on the “server-side”.

This is the code and language that runs behind the scenes of the Backend. Today we will discuss how the magic happens behind the scenes on a website.

What is the Backend Development?

Backend development refers to everything that takes place behind the scenes of programs. Contrary to Frontend, which is focused on the user interface, Backend develops the logic and integration of web apps on the server-side.

These professionals are responsible for writing the code that allows a database or application to communicate. They are not responsible to create a corporate website design or an online store.

They are responsible for the administration and internal operations of what isn’t visible, such as servers, databases, users, comments, publications, and so forth. Applications.

Databases are most popularly used by MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

They also optimize the application’s speed and efficiency.

They tend to spend more time solving problems and implementing algorithms than Frontend developers.

Responsibilities of a Backend Programmer

Backend programmers are responsible to make web pages and apps work with different languages and frameworks like Java and Ruby on Rails.

They monitor site operation and make updates and changes to improve the functionality behind the scenes.

These are some of the skills that you will need to do this job:

  • Database management.
  • Frameworks are used.
  • Programming.
  • Security compliance and accessibility control.

Backend development language types

This programming type can be directed at 2 variables: objects (OOP), or functions.

This is the first technique that focuses only on creating objects. This type of development requires that the instructions be followed in a specific order. The most popular OOPs, as we’ve already mentioned, are Java,.NET, and Python.

This second technique uses functional development and declarative language. Statements can be executed in any order.

It is used for data science. It is popularly used for data science in R, F #, SQL.

These variables can be written dynamically or statically. The first is more rigid but is better at catching mistakes, while the second is flexible but allows variables to change types (which could be responsible for unexpected errors).

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List of Backend Development Programming languages

Backend development requires advanced programming languages like Java, PHP, and Ruby. It is focused on architecture and scripting. Ruby on Rails,.NET and other frameworks are often used.


High-level programming language. It is object-oriented and has a syntax that is similar to C ++. It’s used to create great apps, Android development, big data, and other purposes.

What can you do with Java?

  • Database connectivity
  • Image processing.
  • GUI-based programs
  • A network of contacts.


Hypertext Preprocessor is an acronym that stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side program language that can be used to create interactive or static websites.

It can be used with HTML. The server runs PHP, and the HTML output is sent to the browser.

It’s dynamically coded, which means there are many solutions to a problem. Therefore, the same code can be different depending on the context.

This is a great choice if your goal is to learn to program. It is simpler than other languages and allows you to compile and execute when you reach a problem part.

You can do the following with PHP:

  • Collect data using forms.
  • Make complex web pages.
  • Create server-side scripts
  • Write desktop applications.
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Generate dynamic page content.
  • The command line is where you can write the script.
  • Use content management systems such as WordPress to your advantage
  • You can create e-commerce sites that get a lot of traffic.


It is another high-level language that can be interpreted and object-oriented. Python can be used to do almost anything on any web page.

These are some of the most common uses of Python:

  • Cross-platform shell writing
  • Fast automation.
  • Simple web development.

Other languages used

We will now discuss other languages that are also used in Backend.


Microsoft created this framework and is used to create websites using languages like Visual Basics (VB), C #, or F #.

Its architectural pattern MVC (Model-View-Controller) allows Backend development tasks to be handled by a controller, which interacts with a model to process data.

The Frontend web page is displayed with the result.

Ruby on Rails

It’s based on the Ruby programming language and can be used for web development. It comes with a range of tools that make it easy to create simple tasks, such as a blog or a website.

Ruby is a fast way to create and launch apps. It requires very little background work. It’s similar to Python in that Ruby is great for prototyping.

What can you make with Ruby?

  • Develop mobile apps and game.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Make prototypes.
  • Develop web applications.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is one of the most commonly used languages.

SQL is used for interfacing with databases. Because it is declarative, SQL is easy to learn for beginners.

This allows coders to “declare” what results they want to see without having to specify the steps or processes.

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