Twitter Lay Off Effect: Cuts off More staff overseeing Moderation

Twitter Lay Off  Effect: Cuts off More staff overseeing Moderation

Twitter Inc., under new CEO Elon Musk, has made further cuts to its already reduced trust and safety department that is responsible for the global moderation of content and also the team that deals with harassment and hate speech, according to those who are who have been in the know about the situation.

More than a dozen cuts on Friday night impacted workers in Twitter’s Dublin and Singapore offices, According to people who requested not to be identified as the changes were not made public. The cuts include Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, the site integrity head in Twitter’s Asia-Pacific region, a new hire, and Analuisa Dominguez, the company’s chief revenue officer. Policy.

Team members who handle the social platform’s disinformation policy Global appeals, disinformation policy and state media that were on this platform also were taken off.

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Ella Irwin, Twitter’s director of trust and security, confirmed that some team members were exiled but denied they targeted any of the areas identified by Bloomberg.

“It made sense to unite all teams into one person (instead that of having two) For instance,” Irwin said in an email reply to a request for comments.

She also said that Twitter had removed positions within the company that didn’t receive sufficient “volume” enough to warrant continuing assistance. However, she added that Twitter has increased the number of staff in its appeals department and will continue to employ an official director of revenue policy and one for the Asia Pacific region for security and trust.

Musk purchased Twitter with a purchase price of $44 billion in October. He is partially financing the purchase with around $13 billion of debt. This included the payment of interest at around $1.5 billion per year. Since then, he’s launched an intense effort to overhaul the social media site, which he claims is at risk of becoming bankrupt, which was reported to be losing up to $4 million every day from the beginning of November.

In a speech at a Twitter Spaces-themed event last month, the mercurial entrepreneur compared the company to a “plane heading toward the ground at an extremely high speed with engines on the move and controls that aren’t working.”

Since becoming CEO of the company, Musk has been in charge of the dismissals or the departures of approximately 5,500 of Twitter’s employees and established the concept of a “tough” working environment for those who are.

Twitter is facing numerous lawsuits for unpaid bills, including private charter aircraft flights, software service, and rent for the company’s San Francisco offices.

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