Movierulz.VPN |Access Popular Indian Movies 2022

Movierulz.VPN |Access Popular Indian Movies 2022

Movierulz: Movierulz, is a popular Indian torrent site for downloading thousands of Indian and foreign movies. Because of its fame, it has attracted an enormous amount of attention on it which has led to the website being shut down in several countries.

A few companies have taken advantage of the chance to provide VPN applications that allow users to unblock this service and safeguard users while doing so.

Many of us are entertained because of movies, TV shows, and other entertaining shows worldwide, and honestly who doesn’t love to watch movies and TV shows with our family and friends eat popcorn, and enjoy leisure time.

People don’t want to miss out on their favourite movies every time they are released in theatres or on OTT platforms which are very popular nowadays.

Die-hard movie fans understood are unlikely to miss out on their favourite movies or TV shows. People are always looking for other ways to enjoy content on the go even if they are not going to the theatres or are subscribed to the many OTT platforms out there.

Humans are emotional beings who feel they can relate to the characters and see themselves emotionally invested. These different feelings of vary from happiness, sorrow, fear, thrill, resentment, jealousy, hatred, arrogance, desire, lust, and misery.

It is true when a movie is been watched by people they can tend to forget who they are because they are so immersed in the characters in the play.

Now your favourite shows are available on many platforms but one of the easiest ways to consume new movies and TV Series is through the world of torrents.

The internet has a vast collection of movies in torrents and one of the best torrents is Movierulz, which one can say is the king of a collection of movies.  

The website can be accessed via a VPN and users can then enjoy the best Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and other regional film industries on demand.

What exactly is Movierulz? How does it work in the entertainment industry?

The Movierulz is a popular torrent website for downloading illegal pirated copies of the movies that release in theatres and other streaming platforms. The user can browse and download the latest Hollywood, Tollywood, and Bollywood movies online for free.

It is no wonder that there may be several illegal torrent websites but they will never match the unique features of Movierulz.

The website is designed in such a way that the user is allowed to browse a category-wise list of movies from latest to old classics, and premium categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, dubbed movies and DVDRIPs, etc.

The government has taken several steps to track down the servers of Movierulz, but due to their huge network, they always escape from cybercrime.  

Governments have made a lot of effort to stop promoting piracy, but they are unable to control the flow of pirated movie copies. Whenever a movie releases in theatres, Movierulz has released those movies in pirated versions in HD, 480p, or 720p. It allows users to download pirated copies of recently released movies in 480p, 720p, or 1080p formats.

Many actors from Bollywood and down South in India have taken initiatives to stop piracy and have planned many awareness programs but most of the users are interested to download or watch free movies online because of its popularity and free-of-cost service from the Movierulz. VPN website.

Movierulz is a pirated website and it contains stolen content. Users are advised to be cautious when downloading and watching movies.  Leaking movies and uploading them to pirated sites like Movierulz is a big loss to the movie industry in terms of revenue.

How to Download Movies from Website?

  • Visit any of the browsers like chrome, Bing, or Firefox and search with or Movierulz.VPN or visit this website directly.
  • After going to the destination URL, you will notice it has a simple UI design, site navigation is easy and you can see several categories of movies and watch TV series online.
  • At the top of the site on the navigation panel, you will notice that there are regional movie categories such as Home Featured Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other Genres DVDrip.
  • Click on your favourite movie sections that you wish to download and start downloading the file using the magnet links provided to you.
  • After clicking on the movie link, you will see an option of “Get this Torrent” in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • Remember you cannot download the movie directly, so will need additional software to capture the magnetic links, such as  BitTorrent or Utorrent Apps which you can download from Chrome or any browser and just search for Utorrent or BitTorrent and download from the top 10 links.
  • When you click on the “get this torrent” option, it will redirect you to Bittorrent App where you can see the selected movie starting to download, wait for the download to be completed and then sit back and enjoy your movie or TV show.

Is it safe to access Movierulz for downloading movies?

Any website which deliberately promotes copyrighted content for free is termed an illegal website. These types of websites tend to showcase pirated versions of the original content whenever the makers release their content.

The creators put in a lot of huge in making a film but their efforts go in vain due to these illegal copies circulating on websites like Movierulz. 

The government has taken many efforts to stop online piracy circulation and blocked many sites of Movierulz, not only is this website is blocked in many regions.

But to no avail, Movierulz has become successful in promoting its content with similar mirror sites which have the same interface and lookalike structure.

Although this piracy activity is still in circulation even today, we recommend you to download movies from an original website that protects your personal information with 100% security.

There are plenty of other websites where you can watch and enjoy the films, spending a few bucks on these platforms is never a big deal.  Also, you would be respecting the creators’ efforts.

In the next section, you will find the updated list of Movierulz mirror sites for 2021.

As the name suggests mirror sites are replicas meaning they are clones of the main website containing different URLs which include the same content, website interface, and navigation panel.

A large number of mirror or proxy sites Movierulz have emerged because of governments blocking the main Movierulz website.

Some of the proxies or mirror sites of Movierulz provide subtitles for regional and Hollywood movies; here is a complete list of Movierulz proxy and mirror sites 2021

Updated List of Working Movierulz proxy or Mirror Sites 2022

S.NoMovieRulz Proxy/MirrorsStatusSpeed
1Movierulzfree. meOnlineVery Fast
2Movierulz.XYZOnlineVery Fast
3Movierulz18.desiOnlineVery Fast
4Mrbuz.comOnlineVery Fast
52movierulz.stOnlineVery Fast
6Movierulz.VIPOnlineVery Fast
7Movierulz. acOnlineVery Fast
8Moviesrulz2OnlineVery Fast
9Hideoxy.comOnlineVery Fast
10Moviesrulzfree.comOnlineVery Fast
List of Proxy sites of MovieRulz

Why do we need a VPN to access Movierulz.VPN website?

Accessing any pirated content or downloading content from illegal websites like Movierulz might be a bad idea without a VPN. In many countries, the ISPs have blocked Movierulz from accessing content, so it is a safe option to unblock any proxy or mirror sites of Movierulz.

The VPN will encrypt your present internet traffic and transfer your location and IP address to a different location. This ensures that you will never get caught while browsing through illegal websites.

It is always recommended to use a VPN service because websites like Movierulz are managed by unknown people or cybercriminals who might leak your personal information such as credit card numbers and authentication processes.

A hacker can easily steal your personal information and you can face cybercrime charges for illegally trying to access these websites. Therefore it is advisable to use a VPN and avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

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What are the important features of a VPN service to access Movierulz.VPN website?

It is always recommended to purchase the best VPNs in the market, so choosing the right one is very important. If you are looking to buy cheaper options, they do not guarantee much safety to protect your personal information because they are not worth going for.

Besides, it gives an easy chance for hackers and cybercriminals to steal your information.

Also, there is a possibility that while you access these websites, the government cybercrime department might notice your illegal activity and take severe action against you for breaching protocols.

Therefore we recommend using the best VPNs in the market which have all the security features. Here is a list of features that good VPNs provide:

1) Encryption: It is recommended to use a VPN that is fully encrypted with advanced and robust features.  Select a VPN that has 256-bit encryption than 128-bit encryption.

2) Security: Choose a VPN of a high level of online security, select L2TP/IPSec which can offer a high level of online security for both mobile and desktop devices.

3) Speed: Good speed is non-negotiable while surfing the internet through a VPN, one of the best features of a VPN is its robust speed and response. With a high-speed VPN service, you can download movies faster.

4) Compatibility: Before you intend to get a VPN, see if it is compatible with all the device models, a good VPN supports all the main device models such as IOS, Windows, MAC, and Android.

5) IP Leaking: Be selective while using a VPN; your VPN should not leak your IP address especially when you are accessing content from illegal websites like Movierulz or Kickass Torrents.  

It’s important your information cannot be accessed by government officials or hackers for that matter.  Choose a VPN that does not leak your IP address and protects your privacy.

6) Cost: Instead of using free VPNs, we recommend you purchase a VPN because a free VPN does not guarantee your privacy and is not completely secure.

There is a possibility that your personal information is not safe with free VPNs, moreover, with free VPNs, you may not get the desired features you are looking for in a VPN.

7) Easy Installation: Choosing VPNs that are hard to install and which consume a lot of your time is no good. Consider getting a VPN that is easy to set up with few clicks and saves your time.

Five steps to use VPN and Unblock Movierulz.VPN website

Government officials are alarmed and laid foundations to stop piracy in the wake of pirated content being circulated on websites like Movierulz.

several governments have passed a strict order to ban these websites at any cost, and because of that reason, the internet service providers or the ISP providers blocked Movierulz website from being accessed by the public. 

However, this doesn’t stop users from getting access to these kinds of websites.  There exists a lot of VPNs in the market. It has made users’ life easy as we have mentioned in this article.

If Movierulz is blocked in your country, you can open it through a different geographic location through a VPN service, one of the easiest ways to unblock the Movierulz website is by using a VPN.

Countries like India, the UK, and EU, US have blocked these types of websites.  To unblock Movierulz from your location we highly recommend using a VPN.

Below is a simple five-step process to unblock Movierulz.VPN

1) Select the best VPN in order to unblock Movierulz.VPN website, a good VPN provides all these features like Speed, compatibility, security, and encryption. For your understanding, we have listed the best VPNs that provide high security and robust features all together

2)  Secondly if your country blocks VPN service, you can always open it with Movierulz proxy services which we have discussed below for your reference.

3)  In case your government allows using VPN, then quickly tap into chrome or any other browser to download and install the software.

4)  You can enable your service with a kill-switch to protect your privacy.

5) Lastly, you may want to connect your web browser to a VPN to unblock the website, it should definitely open, after accessing your content, you will have the options to download, for content capture, you can use a software called Bittorrent or Utorrent

Best VPN Services List to Unblock Movierulz.VPN [Updated 2022]

  • IPVanish
  • Ivacy VPN
  • PureVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • ProtonVPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Surfshark
  • Private Internet Access
  • Norton Secure VPN


Ipvanish is one of the best VPNs considering all the features, with a high level of security and faster speed; it has the capability of downloading and streaming movies. It is available now on Windows macOS, IOS, Android, and Linux.

It unblocks video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Ipvanish is based in the USA, and currently is operating in 75 countries with more than 1500+ servers across these countries.

You can access the most popular torrenting sites without any hassle and with complete privacy with Ipvanish. Additionally, it has a kill switch to ensure that VPN includes stops you from accidentally sharing downloads you have downloaded to your ISP.

Ipvanish offers applications for every platform and is extremely flexible. It is used for streaming Netflix US, watching Hulu as well as unblocking VoIP service, and more.

In terms of downloading Movierulz, IPVanish is the best choice. Movierulz the VPN will provide speedy downloads thanks to its Tier-1 servers.

In addition, you can assess IPVanish’s performance against our other recommended options by taking advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price Range- $3.20 – $10.99


Express VPN

Express VPN is a VPN provider that is located in the British Virgin Islands and is famous for its watertight security levels for its customers.

When you sign up for an Express VPN subscription you’ll enjoy the military standard encryption and a no-logs policy. The VPN offers servers across 94 countries and can block any torrent site, including Movierulz.

ExpressVPN offers apps for every platform which are fully featured with kill-switch, obfuscation, and (stealth).

This means that the VPN is secure to use in areas in which VPN usage is not permitted and secure for downloading torrents with no risk to transmit unencrypted information on your ISP.

Users will like the chat service offered by this Xpress VPN which is on anytime during the week. Also, since it supports split tunnelling and port-forwarding it is a VPN that is well-suited to torrenting. It’s worth a try with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Important features of Express VPN

•  Speed and Connectivity by which it operates

•  It could be your private data protector

•  Supports borderless surfing experience

•  To stream anything you like on the internet

•  To protect data completely without fear of leaking

•  Obviously, a very good customer support

Price Range: 6.67$ to 12.95$


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is easy to use and one of the simplest VPNs to set up for those who are new to the service. It’s among the simplest VPNs to set up to use. CyberGhost provides enough security when streaming Movierulz.VPN.

It offers strong AES-256 encryption as well as an auto kill switch that prevents data leaks. CyberGhost is an extremely reliable Movierulz VPN that is suitable for Android users.

It’s a good choice for those who are new to the game and are looking to stream without much hassle.

Based in Romania, CyberGhost has made its name as a VPN service that’s a great choice for privacy online and blocking geo-restricted content.

It has an extensive network of over 6,300 servers across more than 90 countries and is all equipped with speedy speeds.

This is particularly beneficial when streaming, torrenting or any other tasks that require a lot of data.

Indeed, this VPN isn’t equipped with port forwarding, something users of torrents might want. It does however have 256-bit AES encryption.

It also has DNS Leak protection, along with a kill switch to ensure that you do not leak unencrypted information to your ISP.

We believe that CyberGhost is an excellent choice for those who haven’t used a VPN before. Additionally, it is a good choice for those who want to use a VPN.

VPN blocks popular services such as Netflix US, and it can be used on up to seven devices simultaneously using just one subscription. It is possible to test it for free for 45 days, thanks to its money-back assurance

It boasts a huge network of 5900plus VPN servers located in more than 90 countries. CyberGhost VPN blocks popup ads and also reduces loading time and buffer delay.

Pricing:  $2.25 – $12.99


Important features of CyberGhost VPN

•   The VPN is very flexible and can connect to 7 devices at a time

•   256-bit AES encryption with a huge network of 5900plus VPN servers

•   The VPN software is robust, secured, and user friendly

Pricing Range: 2.81$ to 13.47$

Available On: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Chrome, Routers

Unblocks the following streaming platforms

•   Netflix

•   BBC iPlayer

•   HBO GO

•   Free streaming websites

•  Amazon Prime Video

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is specially designed to protect your data and is one of the best VPNs out there in the market. With sophisticated technology which offers a high level of security and data encryption.

It supports various devices like PC, Laptops, and Mobiles to new a few. It has a build-in Adblocker so that it stops showing irrelevant ads on our platform and also avoids distraction.

It protects your system from any type of Malware that causes trouble. It has a great troubleshooting capability which gives us the reason to go for it.  It is highly secured and protects your data information from any cybercriminals and hackers who try to steal your information

Important features of Nord VPN

•  Users are allowed to connect this VPN to up to 6 devices on a single account

•  It offers unlimited bandwidth.

•  Offers the fastest way to connect any device just a tap on the quick connect button

•  Have access to 5,500 servers worldwide

Pricing Range: 3.71$ to 11.95$

Available On:

•             Windows

•             Android

•             Linux

•             IOS

•             macOS

•             BlackBerry

•             Raspberry Pi

•             Smart TVs

•             Roku

•             Chrome

•             Firefox

•             Safari

•             Routers

Unblocks the following streaming platforms

•             Free streaming websites

•             Netflix

•             Amazon Prime Video

•             Disney Hotstar

•             Hulu

•             BBC iPlayer

•             HBO GO

•             Showtime

•             Sling TV

•             DAZN


Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is the most secure VPN available for Movierulz. This log-free VPN is perfect for torrenting due to its fast speeds and superior security features.

Private Internet Access is a reliable VPN located within the USA. It is a non-logging provider which has proved its claim of no-logging numerous times. The VPN has servers in 75 countries and supports P2P connections. This makes it appropriate for use with torrents.

Additionally, the VPN includes a kill-switch and obscured (stealth) and customized security options for encryption, split tunnelling, and port-forwarding. This makes it a perfect service for use together with Movierulz and any other torrenting site.

We believe this VPN offers excellent value for money and is perfect to ensure privacy when using Movierulz. It’s the perfect VPN to torrent and unlocks Netflix US and you can test for yourself with its 30-day guarantee of money-back.

Pricing Range: $2.00 – $12.00

Available on: Windows, MACOS, IOS, Android, and Linux

Unblocks the following streaming platforms

  • Netflix
  • Iplayer
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu



Surfshark is a cheap VPN for accessing websites like Movierulz with split tunnelling technology. It costs you just $1.89 per month which you can stream and download using this VPN.

Surfshark is a VPN that has seen a rise popular since it was introduced to the market just a couple of years ago. The VPN offers servers in more than 60 countries and allows P2P throughout its network, which makes it ideal to allow access to Movierulz, Pirate Bay, or any other torrent site.

With Surfshark you can enjoy the benefit of a VPN with strong OpenVPN encryption as well as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split tunnelling.

The combination makes the VPN perfect for the majority of people’s requirements for torrenting. It does not provide port forwarding, something that certain torrents prefer.

We believe that this VPN is a great all-arounder. It’s particularly useful for those who want to stream but also need to unlock iPlayer, Netflix, and other services.

Additionally, you can try it for free thanks to the 30-day money-back assurance. It is a fantastic VPN with a low price of an annual subscription.


Recent Hollywood Movies Uploaded on Movierulz Website [2021]

  1. Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)
  2. Old (2021)
  3. Nightbooks (2021
  4. Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)
  5. Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions
  6. Joe Bell (2021)
  7. Fast And Furious 9 (2021)
  8. Jungle Cruise (2021)
  9. Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)
  10. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)
  11. Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021)
  12. G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes (2021)

Recent Bollywood Movies Uploaded On Movierulz Website [2022]

  1. Intrusion (2021)
  2. Chehre (2021)
  3. Shiddat (2021)
  4. Sanak (2021)
  5. Sadar Udham (2021)
  6. Rashmi Rocket (2021)
  7. Thalaivi (2021)
  8. Bell Bottom (2021)
  9. Shershaah (2021)
  10. 12 O’ Clock (2021)
  11. Sherni (2021)

What Are the Pros & Cons of Movierulz.VPN?


  • In Movierulz, there is an option available which is called dual audio where you can watch the full movies in all languages
  • You can watch all the movies for free
  • You can watch the playlist in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p In HD
  • The Movierulz website is simple to navigate, and user-friendly and the UI interface is very easy to follow.
  • You can watch or download movies with subtitles on.


  • It is very annoying to users when trying to access the site but it redirects to a different website
  • It is indeed very annoying to see ads popping up while streaming movies on Movierulz
  • It is unlawful to access Movierulz as it is not respecting the piracy policy implemented by the government
  • Movierulz is operated by an unknown source, whose access can be intimidating but as well as harmful as it is dangerously tracked down by cybercriminals and hackers.

Note:  The content that is shared with you right here is in no intention of promoting pirated content but is guided towards educational purposes only, you should be aware that online piracy is illegal and should be avoided for safer access.


Movierulz might have a large collection of content and many also mirror sites however, it’s not enough to warrant the cost of the Movierulz.VPN to connect to it. Instead, you’ll require a VPN that has robust encryption and privacy features.

We recommend that if you’re accessing Movierulz.VPN from devices such as smartphones, PCs, or tablets, and then the data on these devices is at risk.

We suggest you make use of the authorized OTT platforms to stream or download movies since they safeguard your device from hackers.

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