How to Personalize Your Google News Feed

How to Personalize Your Google News Feed
How to Personalize Your Google News Feed

The company’s Featured News platform came into operation in the early hours of Tuesday, June 21, after being closed for eight years.

Punctual as clockwork, at 6:00 a.m. from Tuesday, June 21 to Wednesday, June 22, Google News reactivated its URL to put the service back on track after eight years of closure. 

After the approval of the new Intellectual Property Law, the internet giant would return to the fray with one of its most controversial pages. Now used to letting ourselves be seduced by discovery, how can I personalize Google News?

To follow a topic of interest, at the top, find the topic, place, or post you want to follow. You can also select a menu theme next to Home, For you,” and Following International Local. 

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If the menu is hidden, at the top left, click Menu”. After that, locate the “Continue” button (upper right corner). To collect all the topics you follow, you can identify them in the menu by clicking on “Following.”

To stop following and not receive updates or news about a topic, place, or publication, use the search bar at the top and find the subject of interest.

In the upper right, click on “Following” ( With the favorite icon of a star). In the general menu, click on “Following.” Next to the interest, you want to unfollow, click More (the three vertical dots) and then click: “Remove from the library.”

To be able to choose whether or not I like a story about a topic or a source, we will use clicking on the title of a story. Next, to the name of the start, we will click on more (three points) and then select the preference or “get more stories like this” (thumbs up) or “get fewer stories like this” (thumbs down). 

To prevent stories from a specific source: “Find a report from the start from which you no longer want to receive updates.

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