How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error On Website

How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error On Website
I got a 502 bad gateway error on website how to solve it

If you have reached this far,  it is because a 5xx type error has appeared on your path, and specifically a 502 Bad Gateway Error. We are going to explain what this type of error is, the reasons why the Bad Gateway has been able to skip and above all how to solve Error 502.

This error is also known as “Error 502 Bad Gateway nginx”, “Error 502 apache”, “Error 502 Bad Gateway cloudflare” or “Bad gateway”.

Actually, these types of errors are the most annoying, since they appear when we try to access a web page, and we see that we cannot access or navigate the website we want.

The most common HTTP status codes for errors are:

  • Error 400 – Bad Request
  • Error 401 – Unauthorized
  • Error 403 – Forbidden
  • Error 404 – Not Found
  • Error 408 – Request Timeout
  • Error 500 – Internal Server Error
  • Error 502 – Bad Gateway
  • Error 503 – Service Unavailable
  • Error 504 – Gateway Timeout

4xx errors are client errors, while 5xx errors are server problems.

But today we are here to talk and explain the server error such as ERROR 502 – BAD GATEWAY . Be clear that these types of errors can arise on any web page, if the error status has arisen on your web page we will tell you what you have to do and if the error has jumped on a web page you wanted to visit, you can notify the webmaster of the page to check the status of HTTP 502 code.

What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error?

This type of error represents a communication problem between two servers. It occurs when the client computer connects to a server that acts as a gateway or proxy and needs to access a server that is in a higher hierarchy and that provides an additional service, such as a name server ( DNS).

As seen in the image, a connection is made between two servers and for some reason one does not understand the request made by the other, it is at this moment that Error 502 jumps, since the server does not understand the request does not know what to show and gives the Bad Gateway, seeing the following image on your screen.

Why am I getting Error 502 Bad Gateway? Causes Error 502

When the Bad Gateway error appears, it is usually the fault of the higher-level server to which the request is made, and normally it is not the fault of the browser or the client’s part. However, there are always exceptions and on some occasions the problem does not come from the server but from the browser, this being the least common.

When the Bad Gateway error appears, it is because the higher-level server has not responded to the request.

Main causes of Error 502

  • Server down or overloaded
  • Communication error between the two servers have not agreed on the protocol to be used for the exchange of information
  • One of the servers is not properly configured or programmed
  • Browser error
  • CDN (in case you use one on your website)

In most cases the server does not have to be down, but in the communication between the two servers they have not agreed on the protocol to be used for the exchange of information. This usually happens when one of the servers is not properly configured or scheduled.

Solution Error 502 Bad Gateway

Our recommendation is always that in the event that you have gotten this error on your website, you contact the technical support department of your hosting provider. In the event that your provider offers you a free and close technical service. If you are our customer, please contact us as soon as possible to analyze the error and fix it.

Main solutions to Error 502

  • Contact your hosting provider
  • Refresh the web browser by pressing CTRL + F5
  • Delete browser cache and cookies
  • Restart or reinstall your browser
  • Try with another browser and from another device
  • Disable CDN as branchi or cloudflare
  • Check server settings
  • Check DNS

As we have already mentioned, if it is your website that has the status of HTTP error code 502 – Bad Gateway, and none  of the mentioned solutions have worked for you , we recommend that you contact your hosting provider immediately.

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