Google Maps adds a new navigation mode for cyclists

Google Maps adds a new navigation mode for cyclists
Google Maps adds a new navigation mode for cyclists

This update is focused on ecology and includes a new type of route to save fuel and promote cycling. The bicycle has been one of the means of transport we choose most when calculating a route on Google Maps. With the increasing adoption of bicycles and scooters in urban areas, Google wants to go one step further. The answer is called Lite Navigation.

Biking directions was introduced to Google Maps ten years ago and this feature is used in 30 countries globally. Millions of users use this feature daily. The world is still recovering from the Covid19 pandemic so people are looking for safer ways to commute and stay fit. This new update is a gives significant shift for all bike riders. More users are using the cycling directions in Google Maps, a massive jump of 69% since February this year.

According to Google, the use of addresses on bicycles has increased by 98% in large urban centers. On their blog, the issue, according to the company is step-by-step navigation is not very useful on a bicycle because the user rarely has the mobile in view on support as they would in the car. Usually, the mobile is in a pocket or in a backpack.

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New Features of the Navigation Mode

Lite Navigation is a new mode for cyclists showing riders the entire route. Important data such as the estimated time of arrival and the distance they have covered in real-time, or the elevation are all available now. All these data are also available from the Lock screen mode, allowing them to monitor the status of the route without casting a glance by turning on the phone or touch the screen with their fingers.

Lite Navigation mode is coming to Google Maps for Android and iOS in the coming months via an automatic update. The patch also includes other interesting functions, such as the possibility of choosing a route for cars in attention to minimize fuel consumption. To do this, you just have to make the corresponding adjustment in the preferences of the app.

Database of sharing and electric scooters in over 300 cities

The database on places to share a bicycle or electric scooter will also be expanded. The base will offer information on these points in more than 300 cities around the world. The expansion has been done in collaboration with the different rental companies for these vehicles that operate in each country.

Google Maps is also debuting information about nearby scooters and bike stations to allow users to see the number of vehicles accessible in cities such as Berlin, New York, Sao Paulo, and Taipei. Users will be able to ensure an available parking space before heading towards the stations. Google has partnered with several micro-mobility companies for this feature.

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