Apple hopes to launch its fully autonomous vehicle by 2025

Apple’s electric vehicle, which has been rumored for a long time but has not yet been officially announced, has suffered several setbacks during its development, but now a new article claims that Apple has developed the Apple Car roadmap, resulting in a fully autonomous electric vehicle by 2025.

Sources told Bloomberg that the team responsible for the development of the Apple Car had been stuck between two different development paths: an electric vehicle more traditional with some enhanced features to assist the driver, similar to the that there are already several existing models or a more sophisticated electric car capable of truly autonomous driving without the need for its passengers to intervene.

Now, according to the Bloomberg article, it seems that Project Titan (Apple’s code name for the Apple Car) and the new project leader, Kevin Lynch, have decided to go for that last option, as Apple will seek to create a vehicle. completely autonomous without pedals or steering wheel.

Of course, the idea of ​​having a truly autonomous car is somewhat easier said than done, as no automaker has yet managed to launch a Level 5 autonomous vehicle that is capable of being driven without any human intervention. all situations.

The information earlier indicated that efforts by Apple to manufacture its vehicle power involved potentially hiring Hyundai so that they would provide a platform for electric vehicles on which Apple could build its technology, although talks on the agreement finally foundered after that Hyundai executives refused to be relegated to being a simple component supplier.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is exploring a more futuristic design with wider concept seats like those in the electric vehicles of startup Canoo, with huge iPad-like infotainment screens inside the car. The idea of not including a steering wheel is still being discussed, and Apple is also considering equipping the car with some kind of emergency system to take control.

 Bloomberg says Apple is considering creating an autonomous fleet that would operate more like Uber or Lyft rather than selling cars individually, although this approach seems unlikely.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple recently reached a significant milestone for Apple Car’s autonomous driving system, completing much of the design for a new processor intended to monitor and control Project Titan and has already installed new autonomous driving sensors. in your current fleet of test vehicles.

But even with these important developments, Apple will still have to be made on competitors like Tesla and Waymo, who have already years testing various methods of autonomous driving on highways. Apple’s fleet of test vehicles currently numbers 69 modernized Lexus SUVs. The challenge of developing its autonomous driving system aside, Apple will still have to rely on other partners to provide a foundation for its electric vehicle, because the company does not appear to have manufacturing facilities capable of producing a car. full.

Apple is reportedly aiming to launch its car sometime in 2025, but that date has been deemed “very aggressive,” so don’t be surprised if Apple Car’s debut comes in 2026 or even later.

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